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2021 Conference Programme

11:15 - 12:00 PT

Session 3: Building the green machine to achieve net zero

Net carbon zero emissions in the supply chain are no longer a utopian dream, but a clear target from government, CEOs and, increasingly, vehicle customers. Achieving that goal for vehicle logistics will require a combination of standardised reporting standards, network analysis and optimisation, changes to purchasing considerations and significant investments in new and emerging technologies. It will also mean constant innovation and collaboration. Join this session to hear the latest examples of how OEMs and providers are measuring and reducing emissions, using alternative fuels and powertrain technology to create more sustainable multimodal networks on the road to zero carbon logistics.

Daniel Gosson, Manager, Finished Vehicle Logistics North America, INFORM
Chris Cannon, Director of Environmental Management and Chief Sustainability Officer at the Port of Los Angeles
Rocky Loessin, Vice President of Sales, TrinityRail

12:00 - 12:30 PT

Session 4: Global automotive outlook – what’s in store as the 20s roar

Get the latest facts, figures, forecasts and trends for vehicle sales and production, including what’s next for the automotive market’s recovery in North America and beyond, the development of electrified and alternative propulsion vehicles, along with top insights and analysis on future market consolidation, growth opportunities, semiconductor production and much more.

Brandon Mason, Lead Analyst, Global Market Intelligence, Eaton

12:30 - 14:00 PT

Lunch, networking & exhibitions

Lunch hosted by FreightVerify

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14:00 - 15:00 PT

Finished Vehicle Logistics Ideas Labs: Workshop phase

The Finished Vehicle Logistics Ideas Labs are small, solutions-orientated working groups that provide an invaluable opportunity to interact and work directly with key industry peers on the real-life issues that matter most to you. Facilitated by subject-matter experts, each Ideas Lab is an open discussion that address challenges head on. In our first phase, each group will workshop the topic with the goal of determining no more than three action points.

Ideas Lab 1: Connecting the dots – maximising data from in-vehicle connectivity, telematics, and tracking tools

Advanced vehicle technology is putting more resources at the fingertips of outbound operators and decision makers, but maximising such visibility requires new investment, standards, partnerships, and skills. This group will identify the barriers to entry and focus on solutions to make the most of this real-time information.

Dennis Manns, Executive Leader, North Motors Group

Ideas Lab 2: Who wants to be a car hauler?

A day in the life of a car hauler. In the wake of the driver shortage its important we explore and understand the many challenges auto haulers face on a daily basis. From snow covered cars that are impossible to pre inspect, to mechanical issues followed by parts shortages putting them out of work for weeks. Join us for a fun virtual board game to experience it for yourself! “Who wants to be a car hauler??"

Sharmin Dobbs, Director of Business Development, Accelerated Services

Ideas Lab 3: Vehicle processing – maximising space and reducing dwell

The need for agility and flexibility at ports, plants and distribution centres has never been greater as OEMs and logistics providers manage disruption, make use of all available assets, and use new tools to optimise PDI and accessory installation. This lab will focus on techniques and tools for improving vehicle processing, yard management and decreasing dwell time.

Mike Pipitone, Director of Sales, Cognosos

Ideas Lab 4: Final Mile Visibility – LSP and OEM Collaboration

An accurate ETA to dealer has always been the goal. But with an increased percentage of vehicles sold prior to shipping, and dealers expecting Amazon-like service, industry needs to redefine information sharing for the final mile. This group will focus on how the FVL sector can deliver on consumer-like expectations, including the appetite for sharing last mile information between the LSP, OEM and dealer, and potential benefits of the new data points for all parties.

Brian Hook, VP – Sales, Marketing and Products, ICL

15:00 - 15:40 PT

Networking and meetings

15:40 - 16:00 PT

Finished Vehicle Logistics Ideas Labs: Pitch phase

Leaders from each Ideas Lab present the key findings on the main conference stage in a series of short, quickfire pitches that outline their key action points. These actions will inform further conference discussion, as well as follow up after the event.

16:40 - 17:20 PT

Session 6: Enhancing vehicle logistics service – the customer is always right

As carmakers and dealers increasingly put customers at the heart of their distribution strategies, offering more digital and flexible sales, service and delivery options, vehicle logistics is becoming even more critical to the customer journey. Understand how customer-centric approaches are evolving the roles and requirements of the outbound supply chains for new and used vehicles, including the processes and technology required to offer customers the experiences they now expect, including real-time order tracking, customisation and a blend of in-person and online retail.

Christine Krathwohl, VP Global Business Development, FreightVerify
Sara Nader, Chevrolet Field Marketing Manager, General Motors
Marisol Vasquez, Senior Manager, OEM Sales, Glovis America
Jason Hauk, CEO, Black Widow Imaging

17:20 - 17:30 PT

Reflections on Day 1 & wrap up from the Finished Vehicle Logistics team

18:00 - 21:00 PT

Finished Vehicle Logistics North America Gala Reception

This year our Gala Reception will be hosted at the Oasis Court just off the Terrace Room at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The reception provides an excellent forum in which to exchange views and contact details with some of the finest minds in the automotive logistics sector. Appreciate beautiful gardens and a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a delicius meal.


08:30 - 09:15 PT

Conference open for registration, networking & refreshments

Re-group and re-fuel for Day 2 with some early morning refreshments and kick start the conversation with new found colleagues and connections.

09:15 - 09:20 PT

Welcome from the team

09:20 - 10:15 PT

Session 7: FVL Family Feud – A game that challenges new ideas and innovations

Wake up to a fun, interactive game involving industry innovators and audience participation. Contestants will be shown a series of pictures selected by our industry advisors that represent different challenges in vehicle logistics, whether cost, operational, capacity, rail transport or IT related. For each image, the contestant identifies the challenge as they see it, and then describes a solution. Audience members have the chance to vote on which solution would be most effective, and provide alternatives during a live Q&A.

There will be prizes for best answers from contestants and the audience!

Michael D’Angelo, Manager Port Operations and Domestic Transportation, Volkswagen Group of America
Charles Franklin, Senior National Manager, Sales, Glovis America
Kurt Watson, Senior Manager, Purchasing Logistics at Nissan North America

10:15 - 11:00 PT

Networking, meetings and exhibition

Coffe break hosted by Precision Vehicle Logistics and Hydration station hosted by Inform.

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11:00 - 11:40 PT

Session 8: Alternative propulsion, alternative thinking

While most electrified and alternative propulsion vehicles can flow through existing networks and channels, the outbound sector must adapt processes and equipment to accommodate the complexities of moving these vehicles to market, whether in weight and dimensions, battery handling or charge. Join this fireside chat to hear how traditional and start-up OEMs and logistics providers are scaling up operations, developing new skills and offering new service opportunities.

Andy Koblenz, Executive Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, National Automobile Dealers Association
Jon Samson, VP of Conferences, American Trucking Associations

11:45 - 12:30 PT

Session 9: Rail reform for modern day vehicle logistics

Rail plays a crucial role in delivering automotive freight and finished vehicles across the region and like other transport modes, must adapt to meet the changing needs of the industry. So its ‘All aboard!’ to hear our expert panel discuss the impact of the changing network, the shift to flexible railcars and infrastructure upgrades and how technology and collaboration can improve planning and service.

Patrick Ottensmeyer, President & CEO, Kansas City Southern
Dennis Manns, Executive Leader, North Motors Group

12:30 - 14:00 PT

Lunch, networking & exhibitions

14:00 - 14:40 PT

Session 10: Planning ahead: Future-proofing vehicle logistics

In this final session, we delve into the minds and strategies of supply chain and logistics leaders as they plan for future vehicle logistics. Join this high-level panel discussion as we explore not only best practice for overcoming today’s challenges, but look ahead to the markets, products and technology that will reshape the outbound sector beyond what’s possible today. Understand which tools and innovations those in the know are backing and start preparing for an exciting and transformative road ahead.

Steve Jernigan, Director Finished Vehicle Logistics, Nissan North America

14:40 - 14:50 PT

Reflections on Day 2 & wrap up from the Finished Vehicle Logistics team