It’s been five months since Gamboa last took to the Red Sofa to speak to Automotive Logistics. Now, at Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2024, he gives the rundown on what he and the BMW team in Mexico have been improving to innovate while combatting sector-wide challenges. 

“We are stable again,” Gamboa said. ”Nevertheless, we still foresee challenges. The situation geopolitically is changing still. We also have some issues in regard to vessel schedules, capacity is a bit more stable but continuously at risk, there are challenges such as infrastructure in Mexico with backlogs at the ports, and new legislation and legal requirements we have to comply with certainly still brings challenges. We remain with the strategy of being flexible and really looking at the options we have to overcome these challenges.”

He added that the group’s focus is on its long-term relationships with its partners and hauliers and improving and building on this to secure transportation capacity. ”We became closer with our partners, we’re getting very close with the authorities [in Mexico] as well as there have been big challenges on legal aspects for example around the control of the borders, so we need to be very close to them,” he said. “What we foresee is keeping transparency so we know exactly what we’re doing and where we are doing it and reacting in good time.”

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FVL North America 24

Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2024 takes place 21-23 May in Waterfront Beach Restort, Huntington Beach, California.

At the event, experts will address the key issues and opportunities in the FVL sector including combating the capacity crunch across rail, road and sea, harnessing data and analytics to make real-time improvements to network planning and operations, turning EV planning into reality, balancing investment and partnerships for decarbonisation strategies and re-imagining partnerships across the vehicle logistics supply chain.