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Finished Vehicle Logistics North America Live

Often with a crisis comes courage, pace, change and the opportunity to reset and recode. This online conference will bring to you just that. News, insight, intelligence and case studies on all things Finished Vehicle Logistics. Get up to speed with what’s changing, who and how they are adapting, what new ideas have been implemented.

For sure the crisis has exposed continued gaps in supply chain planning, resulting in a negative impact on production, lead times and costs. For sure the sector remains daunting and complex, compounded by COVID. However, vehicle logistics has proven more resilient with each wave of the pandemic, adjusting to volume swings and new ways of working without losing efficiency. The industry has also pivoted quickly to new sales channels, including online orders and contactless delivery. It’s an industry looking ahead to understand the impact of EV and technology through the supply chain.

So if there is one conference you must attend this year, it’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America Live. Join the debate, listen to news, views, perspectives and help the industry re-set.

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Howard Chang

Senior Manager, North American Vehicle Logistics and Port Operations

Porsche Cars North America


Howard is responsible for overseeing all vehicle logistical activities from Port to Dealer in the United States. His task is to plan, organize and manage the process to ensure all Porsche vehicles are properly received and delivered. Prior to this position, Howard was responsible for Delivery Quality. Howard has been with Porsche since 2003 and held various positions within the company.


Chris Styles

Director Sénior, Gestión de Cadena de Suministros, Logística

Nissan Norteamérica


Chris es el responsable de logística de vehículos terminados, logística de piezas de producción entrantes, transporte de piezas de servicio, ingeniería de embalaje de proveedores y estrategia de logística de Nissan North America, Inc., que incluye Canadá, EE.UU. y México. Anteriormente trabajó como Director de Logística en Canadá y EEUU en la organización de Gestión de Cadena de Suministro de Nissan como Director de Adquisiciones para las operaciones de Nissan en México, también trabajó como Director de Adquisiciones de Logística y Postventa/Accesorios en la región de las Américas. Antes de unirse a Nissan, Chris ocupo puestos de gestión de logística en la venta de piezas para automóviles y empresas de logística de terceros para automóviles tanto en EE.UU. como en México.


Monica Schmickler

WW Transport Logistics - Head of Strategy, Purchasing & Quality

Daimler AG


Coming Soon...


Anu Goel

Executive Vice-President, Group After Sales & Services

Volkswagen Group of America


Anu and the parts logistics team are responsible for the total supply chain management of service parts for Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA), including product definition, cataloging, procurement, materials management, quality, dealer support, warehousing and transportation. Along with the vehicle logistics team, he is also responsible for activities (including port operations) supporting the distribution of finished vehicles in the US. Prior to working with Volkswagen, Anu spent over three years with Case New Holland (Fiat Group), most recently as as Vice-President, North and South American Parts Operations; and 23 years with Ford, where he served most recently as Director, Global Parts Supply and Logistics.


Marc Brazeau

Head of Logistics



Marc took on his current position in July 2017 and is responsible for logistics and transport activities to support the entire FCA US manufacturing footprint, including shipment of finished vehicles, inbound transport of manufacturing parts and materials, and the operation of FCA Transport, the FCA US-owned truck fleet. He has previously worked in various supply chain roles at FCA US and elsewhere, including periods as Director of ADMi Supply Chain Consulting and Manager of Global Supply Chain Strategy & Systems at DaimlerChrysler. Born in Montreal, Canada, Marc holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta and is a former Chairman of the AIAG’s Finished Vehicle Supply Chain Visibility committee.


Anna Weimers

Head of Global Outbound Logistics Engineering & Strategy

Volvo Car Group


Anna has a broad background from various roles within Supply Chain Management and Business Development from SKF, Schenker and Volvo Cars. Within Volvo Cars Anna have held various roles within procurement spare parts logistics and finished vehicles logistics. Since 2020 Anna is responsible for Global Outbound Logistics Engineering & Strategy which covers a responsibility of defining and implementing Volvo Cars global outbound logistics network of the future.

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Key Themes Discussed by Industry Leaders



Adapting rapidly to change, it’s time to re-calibrate our thinking and skills to handle cataclysmic events, shifts in demand patterns, new business models and act with extreme agility, speed and flexibility and courage to rewrite the list of attributes needed to be successful.



Developing new skill sets to harness new and futuristic business and technology models. Creating new roles and investing in professional development that reflect the future of finished vehicle logistics.



Striving to be better, embracing new ideas, adding value and seizing upon innovations to turn them into a business advantage, increase operational excellence and efficiency.



Re-thinking the possible, partnership and service models, new sales channels, sustainability, Co2 reduction, regulations, along with electrification all present opportunities to re:code the new outbound.

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