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INFORM specialises in intelligent decision-making IT systems that optimise complex operational and logistical workflows, ensuring companies make the best decision from an unmanageable number of alternatives. Where data management software merely provides information, INFORM systems can analyse huge quantities of data, cost out numerous variants and suggest the best possible solution in seconds, helping firms to increase the productivity and reliability of their processes in a sustainable manner.

INFORM has been developing scientifically-substantiated optimisation algorithms for this purpose since 1969. From container terminals, passenger airports and financial service providers to industrial operations, wholesalers, storage and transhipment hubs, and shipping companies, our 750-plus employees support more than 1,000 customers worldwide.

Our state-of-the-art logistics optimisation software provides solutions for OEMs and 3PLs in areas including yard management, network planning, load optimisation, inbound truck flow and transport management. The SyncroTESS platform enables intelligent planning, management of complex processes, visibility and real-time operational optimisation from plant to dealer.

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