Finished Vehicle Logistics

Moving vehicles from plants to dealerships and end users.


Mazda left without logistics subsidies in Russia

2019-05-22T09:21:00+01:00By Vladislav Vorotnikov

The Russian government has cancelled logistics subsidies for finished vehicle transportation from the Far East to the European part of the country, leaving Mazda Sollers bereft of support…

Jon Kuiper

Vinturas backing blockchain for supply chain visibility

2019-05-21T08:30:00+01:00By Steve Garnsey

Vinturas, a consortium of major automotive logistics service providers in Europe, says it will operate a digital, blockchain-based platform from September. The system will provide end-to-end transparency in the finished vehicles’ supply chain, according to a company statement.


Grimaldi calls for stricter cargo rules following latest vessel fires

2019-05-21T07:44:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Grimaldi Group has called for more stringent controls and cargo regulations for vehicles and containers following two fires that broke out on its ro-ro vessel Grande Europa last week. The Italian ocean services provider said there needed to be more controls on car batteries, which often cause short-circuits on board ...

Truck Mercedes Benz

Motoring on: Brazil's heavyweight manufacturers prepare for growth

2019-05-20T10:20:00+01:00By Tony Danby

Brazilian truck and bus sales picked up strongly last year following the country’s long recession, and now both OEMs and logistics providers are hoping the trend continues


Shipping and climate change: Are we getting into hot water?

2019-05-20T09:22:00+01:00By Malcolm Ramsay

With 2019 set to be one of the hottest years on record, for the shipping sector the issue of climate change is becoming a concern. But how great is the danger to vessels, their crews and cargo? And could there be any upside to global geographical changes?


CDN releases system to ease vehicle data flow between carriers

2019-05-15T08:43:00+01:00By Marcus Williams



Working together to drive out disruption

2019-05-01T16:02:00+01:00By Victoria Johns

In the context of testing trade relations and new technology in supply chains, finished vehicle logistics providers need to work out how to position themselves for the future, delegates heard at April’s FVL North America conference in Huntington Beach, California

Port of Tyne (4)

Fighting for space at Europe's ports

2019-04-12T16:51:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

European vehicle-handling ports faced a squeeze on space last year for several reasons, including wild fluctuatons in distribution patterns caused by WLTP implementation. But the situation is now improving, due to investment in infrastructure and digital technology

R-Rak_Showcase_LoadedContainer-1 feature

Containerisation: Why automotive logistics needs to think inside the box

2019-04-05T16:02:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

While ro-ro is the traditional method of shipping finished vehicles, containerisation is becoming increasingly viable as the automotive industry decentralises and introduces more EVs. Growth in China and South East Asia offers particularly good opportunities

iStock-932678744 feature

Nationwide Auto Services: the first port of call


The shift in demand from sedans to SUVs is adding to outbound pressures, including when it comes to damage repair. Here, Jim and Eric Gerencser explain how Nationwide Auto Services’ rapid response team ensures that vehicles are shipped out on schedule

Renatas Slenderis

Introducing the European Transport Logistics Alliance


In an industry that could benefit substantially from streamlined processes, Renatas Slenderis, CEO of Fracht, believes his company’s new alliance offers both collaboration and control for all members. Here, he explains how the ALCS platform works

FRPIC_20180612_069 600x400

Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2019 launched


Automotive Logistics is proud to announce the return of the Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe.

Imperial Logistics Poznan3 feature

Progress for all to CEE

2019-01-07T11:35:00+00:00By Vladislav Vorotnikov

In past decades, international investment has flowed into the automotive industry in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) primarily due to it being a low-cost production centre. However, these days the region has much more to attract such investment, including a well-trained workforce, a wide-ranging supplier base and improving logistics infrastructure, ...

P90301513_highRes_bmw-s-first-uk-urban feature

Dealing with change

2019-01-03T17:16:00+00:00By Andrew Williams, Andrew Williams

In recent years, a number of shifts in the industry have begun to affect traditional dealership models, changing the types of relationships that exist between dealers, OEMs and customers.


Connecting the dots

2019-01-03T12:06:00+00:00By Malcolm Ramsay

Buy a new BMW, and it’s no surprise to find it stuffed with hi-tech telematics. Real-time traffic information, GPS navigation, automatic speed limit display, rear vision display, parking assistance, smartphone integration, intelligent diagnostics and status display – all of these and more are fast becoming part of the modern driving ...

ECG_Conf_opening image_01

Looking for the safe side in uncertain times

2018-10-31T17:00:25+00:00By Marcus Williams

In terms of the driver shortage, ECG’s president Wolfgang Göbel presented figures showing that over the next 10-15 years in Germany alone, 40% of truck drivers would be retiring, which given current trends meant a shortfall of 150,000 drivers. He also pointed out that the UK was already short by ...


A race against time for the UK car sector

2018-10-17T12:26:24+01:00By Victoria Johns

It is still very uncertain what the UK’s exit from the European Union is going to look like at the end of March 2019 but it is going to have a big impact on the automotive industry whatever it looks like. At this year’s Automotive Logistics UK summit, major carmakers ...

Emanuele Grimaldi

Shipowners should be immune from fuel penalties, says Grimaldi

2018-10-08T18:50:33+01:00By Marcus Williams

Emanuele Grimaldi, the managing director of Italian shipping firm Grimaldi Group (pictured), has called for immunity from penalties for shipowners who find themselves in circumstances where it is impossible to comply with the forthcoming rules on maritime sulphur emissions.

September 19, 2018

CAR says clock is ticking but no need for alarm

2018-09-26T17:06:49+01:00By Victoria Johns

Nafta re-negotiations and the ongoing trade disputes between the US and China are creating considerable uncertainty in the automotive industry, but that does not change the need to keep the supply chain international; if anything, cross-border logistics services have become even more important.


EEU cuts import duties but trade within bloc is in dispute

2018-09-05T12:04:45+01:00By Vladislav Vorotnikov

The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) has officially cut duties on finished vehicles being imported into the bloc from 20% to 17%. The rule took effect from September 1 this year, while a further reduction to 15% is proposed to take place at the same time in 2019. The EEU comprises ...

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