BMW has selected quality management firm G&P for parts sorting and rework services at its new plant in Debrecen, Hungary, effective from April 1, 2024.

BMW Debrecen virtual Nvida

BMW has been virtually planning logistics operations at the Debrecen plant in Hungary

G&P has been providing quality management services for BMW’s facilities in the UK, including Oxford, Hams Hall, Swindon and Goodwood manufacturing facilities, since 2019. It provides inspection, rectification and technical services on inbound parts. 

“Building on the success of our partnership with BMW in the UK, we’re incredibly proud to extend this relationship at the new plant [at] Debrecen in Hungary,” said Dino Kyriacou, CEO of G&P. “The plant will play a critical role in BMW’s electric future, so we are honoured to be working alongside them on such a flagship project.”

When its fully operational in 2025 the Debrecen plant will produce Neue Klasse electric vehicles and the carmaker has invested in local battery production for the EV drivetrains, which it said will significantly reduce supply chain distances in battery and EV manufacturing, and reduce logistics costs. Annual production capacity is set at 150,000 EVs.

The carmaker has already planned its vehicle manufacturing operations using a digital twin supplied by Nvidia making it the first BMW Group plant to be planned and validated completely virtually. The Nvidia Omniverse Enterprise tools optimises complex manufacturing systems across its production network, said BMW. The platform is used for building and operating 3D industrial metaverse applications, to run real-time digital twin simulations for optimised layouts, robotics and logistic systems.

Last year G&P reported a record level of demand for its skilled vehicle technician services as carmakers and tier one suppliers prepared for prototype development programmes and new vehicle launches in 2024.

The company’s Recruitment Services division recently hired David Woakes to lead the business in the newly created role of head of talent acquisition and recruitment. The company has experience in the automotive industry and has already placed more than 200 qualified electric vehicle technicians, an area it said where a major skills shortage currently exists.

The company supplies a range of leading carmakers alongside BMW, including Bentley, JLR, Renault, Toyota, Volvo and VW Group.

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