German logistics provider Große-Vehne Speditions is deploying two battery-electric eActros 300 semitrailer tractor units for transporting car engines between Mercedes-Benz Truck’s Bad Cannstatt engine plant and its truck assembly plant in Sindelfingen, both on the periphery of Stuttgart.

Große-Vehne Speditions is one of 17 logistics partners using the eActros for inbound parts deliveries to Mercedes-Benz Trucks. The two etrucks it is using each travel around 180km daily and the truckmaker said that they are charged at a service station while a more comprehensive charging infrastructure is put in place. The total number of trips is in the double-digit range and varies according to demand, according to a spokesperson for Mercedes-Benz AG.

MB Trucks Große Vehne Speditions

Große-Vehne Speditions will use two eAtros 300 semitrailer tractor units to take engines from the Bad Cannstatt plant to Sindelfingen 

The eActros 300 has three battery packs, each with 112 kWh of installed battery capacity, which give it a range of up to 220 km with one battery charge. The etruck can be charged at up to 160 kW. At a standard DC rapid charging station, with 400 A charging current, the three battery packs need just over one hour be charged from 20 to 80%, according to the truckmaker.

Logistics and charging infrastructure experts from Mercedes-Benz Trucks have been in close contact with the logistics companies using the eActros units, part of the company’s Sustainable Logistics Consulting (SLC) partner programme (previously called Electrified Logistics Accelerated), which was set up at the end of last year. That team is sharing knowledge with logistics providers gained in the course of Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ project to electrify logistics at its Wörth plant.

“In our supply chain, we are building on an optimum transport mix in which road transportation plays a significant role,” said Elke Pusskeiler, head of supply chain management, Mercedes-Benz Group. “Consequently, its electrification is a decisive factor on the way to balance-sheet carbon neutrality. We are proud to be able to take such an important step towards sustainable transport logistics together with Mercedes-Benz Trucks and our partner Große-Vehne.”

Jens Hildenbrand, managing director of Große-Vehne Speditions added: “The support of the SLC project enabled us, together with our customer, to plan the optimum process flow of emission-free transportation of motors in advance, taking account of the real-life situation. Together with all parties involved, the next step will be to evaluate practical implementation, which is sure to give rise to additional insights for future deployments.”

 Sustainable Logistics Consulting (SLC) programme

  1. Configuration of a customer-specific transformation strategy
  2. Analysis of the various logistics routes
  3. Development of an electrification concept
  4. Identification of products suitable for electrification
  5. Planning of a suitable depot charging infrastructure
  6. First assignments with e-trucks