Watch: Supporting production through automation – from AI to cobots (Ep.4)


This Livestream Hour episode discusses how automation and AI can support automotive manufacturing with technology leaders from BMW and Ford, together with systems and software specialists.

Automotive manufacturing may have some of the highest levels of robotics across mass industrial sectors, however there are areas of production, logistics and quality management which will continue to require significant manual effort. In trim and assembly, for example, the speed of production and huge variety of part numbers and model derivatives mean that most OEMs rely significantly on the importance of human skill and touch. So, too, are parts picking, sequencing and inventory management across the supply chain.

However, automotive manufacturers are investing in more tools, software and equipment that can help workers perform tasks more accurately, safely, comfortably and efficiently.

In this Livestream Hour, watch manufacturing and technology experts explore how these innovations can best support automotive production, such as cobots,  artificial intelligence, digital twins and data analytics.

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Matthias Schindler, Head of Artificial Intelligence Innovation, BMW Production System, BMW Group 

Paula Carsí de la Concepción, Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor and Technology Specialist in Emerging Technologies, Valencia Engine Plant, Ford Motor Company

Kevin Konkos, Head of Product Marketing, Symbio Robotics

Michel Morvan, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, Cosmo Tech

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