Kerry Logistics hackathon participantsKerry Logistics Network has staged its first ‘hackathon’ to devise applications for autonomous drones based around warehouse stocktaking.

Eight teams participated in the two-day event combining robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. They incorporated a range of technologies including navigation and computer vision, radio frequency identification (RFID) and Lidar (light detection and ranging), the Hong Kong-based company said.

Kerry Logistics views the hackathon as an important means of exploring ideas and connecting to younger generations with high levels of creativity.

“Innovation is crucial to the logistics industry, which is all-encompassing and essential to a wide range of business sectors,” said Wilson Lee, group director of information technology at Kerry Logistics, which carries out inbound and finished vehicle movements for the automotive industry.

“The utilisation of advanced technology in our operations helps to foster business sustainability and drive long-term growth,” he continued. “As we have witnessed at the hackathon, the contestants have demonstrated their attitude of thinking outside the box, which is what innovation is all about.

“New perspectives and imagination will enable the existing operational model to evolve and improve, allowing us to maintain our competitive edge in value creation and disrupt the market, rather than being disrupted,” he added.

The company said it had long embraced automation and robotics and recently adopted blockchain technology and the internet of things to optimise supply chain visibility.

The ‘drone warehouse’ is one of six strands to Kerry Logistics’ Warehouse 4.0 initiative for automation, which the company sees as key to improving efficiency amid increasing labour costs and to fulfilling customers’ ever-changing demands and expectations.

The company said it would hold more hackathons to promote an innovative mindset in all of its employees.


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