The automotive and industrial industries have some of the most complex supply chains in the world. Evolving manufacturing processes, shifting consumer demands and new trends all impact the supply chain network for raw materials, components and finished goods. With the necessity to protect, move and sequence high-cost parts, metal solutions are becoming an increasingly popular packaging solution in these, and many other, industries.


By using metal racks with protective interior dunnage, manufacturers can find efficiencies in the movement and protection of their delicate parts. Through specialised cutting, bending, welding, powder coating and assembly processes, metal racks are designed to create extremely durable packaging solutions to protect parts and components throughout the supply chain. Part-specific interior dunnage can be fabricated from a vast selection of materials designed to protect different component types and is installed inside the rack to provide glove-like protection no matter the part size, shape or exterior finish. A growing number of manufacturers are realising these benefits and adopting these solutions for their customisable nature, sturdiness and efficiency.

Customisable and durable 
Metal solutions are engineered to move, transport and sequence specific parts, meaning they can be designed to best fit specific products. They can be configured to any required size, shape, capacity or style to accommodate the unique needs of your supply chain. They are also available with a multitude of protective coatings. Custom metal solutions are built to satisfy precise customer requirements, enhance manufacturing processes and improve warehouse efficiency.


Bulky, heavy and uniquely shaped products need to be transported and protected by durable packaging solutions. Before solutions like metal racks, automotive parts were transported in wood or corrugated containers. Beyond the tons of packaging waste created by employing these limited-use containers, the inadequate protection the packaging methods provided often resulted in product damage.

Regardless of the size and weight of the product you need to protect, a custom metal solution can be designed to support your specific requirements. A system can be developed to hold anything from small wire harnesses to large parts like body panels or engines, and are designed for a long service life for shipping and handling between OEMs and suppliers.

Streamlining, shipping and storage
Metal solutions are often part of the overall packaging program that customers implement for high part-count assembly processes. These systems allow you to maximise your warehouse storage space and provide line-side efficiencies. The integration of metal fabrication and protective dunnage help workers optimise what they bring to the line and offer picking efficiencies. After determining the level of protection needed, these metal solutions can be designed to deliver maximum pack density and superior product integrity.

No matter the application, it comes down to finding the right packaging combination to best optimise your supply chain. A custom-designed packaging solution will help manufacturers best protect their products while streamlining operations, shipping and storage. Be sure to consult a reusable packaging expert before implementing any packaging solution to ensure optimisation.

Jordan Rogers is product manager for custom metal solutions at Orbis