Škoda tests video mappingŠkoda Auto has begun a large-scale trial of augmented reality (AR) technology to support logistics in the complete knockdown (CKD) centre at its Mladá Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic.

The video mapping system is being used to help staff load sets of semi-knockdown components onto pallets for export, and consists of an ultra-high-resolution laser projector and an HD camera. When an employee scans a componen's serial number, the laser projector points to the exact location on the pallet where the part should be placed. It also recognises if the wrong part has been scanned and loaded.

“Video mapping technology opens up totally new opportunities for us in logistics,” said Michael Oeljeklaus, Škoda Auto board member for production and logistics. “Our employees are supported by this industry 4.0 technology when preparing the dispatch of our component kits for certain export markets. Augmented reality minimises the error rate when loading kits onto large export pallets and additionally increases safety in the working environment.”

Video mapping is the first AR system in use at Škoda that does not require employees to wear 3D goggles. However, the OEM said the technology was still being developed and that the cameras needed to be adjusted to the lighting in the facility to reliably capture the surroundings.

According to Škoda, the use of AR means the CKD centre is saving a large amount of paper as there is no longer any need to print documents, contributing to the carmaker’s ‘Green Future’ strategy which is aimed at sustainability and protecting the environment.