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This approach builds trust into the solutions that Autoliv are developing, while also securing the trust of the top management team. “In the end, we don’t do digitalisation just for fun, but to create real business value through high efficiencies, automating processes and making better decisions by using fact-based, data-driven, AI-driven recommendations,” she says.

Autoliv focuses on collaboration to work across silos, so there’s no separation between business and IT functions. Dr Linge talks about plans for further deepening collaborations in the pursuit of enhanced sustainability since AutoLiv wants to be net zero across its supply chain by 2040, and Dr Linge candidly expresses that this is not something it can achieve on its own. Collaboration is the only answer to meaningful change across the automotive supply chain.


 Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies 2023 took place November 6-7 in Munich, Germany. Click here for more highlights and insights, and to plan ahead for the 2024 event.