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With many years of experience in the supply chain and a degree in Law, Ekaterina Serban came up with the ideal set of tools for her current role at Bosch to tackle cyber secuity in the supply chain in the context of the fast developing regulatory environment. In this interview, she talks about the biggest risks and challenges posed by today’s security environment. With high levels of interconnectivity in products, and compliance and security issues surrounding legacy systems, supply chain cyber concerns are a major challenge for OEMs and suppliers.

There is also the issue of consumers becoming more aware of privacy concerns and regulations, so, Ekaterina Serban says, it’s important for Bosch to cultivate trust, and to have strong cyber security measures and systems in place to ensure customer data is secure throughout the supply chain. She also looks at the challenges raised by supply chain complexity; being made up of many suppliers, who themselves must have proper cyber security measures in place.

Ekaterina Serban tackles the measures that can be taken to ensure robust supply chain cyber security across all tier suppliers, highlighting the importance of proper supplier assessment and quality auditing to ensure end-to-end security, while preparing for the incoming regulatory barrage of the AI act, to the Cyber Security Resilience Act and the European Data Act, to name a few.

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