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The semiconductor supply chain was proven to be fragile post-pandemic and demanded greater collaboration between carmakers and suppliers to strengthen it. Digital tools have aided with long-term capacity planning and commitment to demand. Birgit Fuchs outlines the digitalisation of customer contracts and the connections Infineon has made between them and both its production planning and order fulfilment functions.

Dr Fuchs also discusses the role AI and machine learning are playing in managing data, including for better understanding of customer order behaviour and more accurate demand forecasting 26 weeks out.

On the point of internal departmental collaboration, Dr Fuchs says improvements have been made using a cross-functional, ERP-linked digital twin for global manufacturing, managed and run by sustainable teams of digitalisation experts.

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Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies 2023 took place November 6-7 in Munich, Germany. Click here for more highlights and insights, and to plan ahead for the 2024 event.