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The Volkswagen Group has been exploring and developing platforms since 2018 but disruptions and the need to boost supply chain control meant that it needed to foster further collaborations through expanded data networks. The Catena-X platform is now reshaping automotive supply chain collaborations as we know it, allowing for secure data exchange and unveiling unparalleled transparencies for the automotive industry. Göller says that true transparency can only work with long data chains. The greater the collaboration, the greater the transparency.

Catena-X’s plays a pivotal role in ensuring data sovereignty by allowing automotive companies greater control over their data, and enhanced supply chain visibility.

In this red sofa interview, Göller discusses the need for global collaboration and making the platform further accessible for small to medium-sized companies. Catena-X is a global initiative, and Göller talks about its user-friendly, plug-and-play approach for widespread industry adoption. 

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Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies 2023 took place November 6-7 in Munich, Germany. Click here for more highlights and insights, and to plan ahead for the 2024 event.