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Following their forum on ‘Empowering Excellence’ for women in the supply chain and automotive industry, Isenbort, Kalinska and Santos talk about how to support each other in the automotive industry, what OEMs and logistics companies can do to help, and how to expand networks and reach to further a career in the sector.

During their panel session, Isenbort told the audience that the key is to have a positive mindset and to put yourself forward. ”The learning curve is never over. You have to think you can do it. Be there, be ready for the next step, don’t be shy,” she said. ”Be up to speed with networking internally and externally.”

Kalinska said: ”If you are being pushed out of your comfort zone you grow. As a leader its very important to create that psychological space and enable it, provide a platform for the person to show what they are capable of and that comes with empowerment.”

Meanwhile, Santos highlighted the importance of supporting other women coming into the industry. ”What I’m doing personally is approaching a woman in the organisation and offering a mentoring networking platform one-to-one about the potential I see in her and it’s an offer from my side,” she said. “If she takes it or not, it’s her decision and something I can contribute.”

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