Gestamp, a global leader in metal automotive components and body structure, is fully embracing the concept of the global, federated network. This strategy, as outlined by Diego Mallada, Gestamp’s IT Digital Tech Director, focuses on fostering global communities of technology experts, facilitating a collaborative environment that cuts across geographical boundaries.

Through this federated network, Gestamp aims to reshape automotive supply chains by connecting experts from around the world, enabling seamless collaboration and innovation. Gestamp’s journey is concerned with enhancing connectivity and setting a new standard in data quality and logistics across its extensive network of plants. The company’s commitment to standardising and intelligibly managing logistics data is pivotal to their Industry 4.0 strategy, ensuring that every piece of data contributes towards global supply chain efficiency and innovation. Read more about the company’s strategy here.

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain North America 2024

Diego Mallada was a keynote speaker at the first Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Digital Strategies conference, a new event focused on digitalisation, visibility, data and artificial intelligence in automotive logistics and supply chain management. This year the event will expand to the US, with the first Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain North America on June 26-27 in Nashville, Tennessee, with speakers including Nissan, Bosch, Accuride and more. Find out more about our agenda here

Gestamp redefines supply chain management for industry 4.0