Webinar: How to mitigate falling profits in the automotive supply base 12 February 2020

Watch our webinar in full for insights and strategies on the changing automotive supplier landscape. 

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Strategies and recommendations for how Tier 1 suppliers can mitigate declining margins.
  • How to respond to uncertain economic conditions and high capital investment requirements, especially in areas of electrification.
  • How to adapt your supply chain strategy in response to the changing value chain, to prevent increases in logistics costs.

Along with a presentation, this webinar featured an extended question and answer session. As there were more questions than we were able to answer during the webinar, we have published additional answers, which you can read here.

The webinar was presented by:


Daniel Harrison
Automotive Analyst
Ultima Media



Daniel has more than a decade of experience in business intelligence and automotive research and now leads the business intelligence unit at Ultima Media, including for Automotive Logistics. He specialises in topics across connectivity, autonomy, shared mobility and electrification. His most recent reports cover tier supplier profits and forecasts for global automotive powertrains.

Webinar host:


Christopher Ludwig
Ultima Media



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  This post was updated on February 17th to include a link to Q&A from the webinar.