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24 - 26 September 2024 | The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI

Master complexity, control your supply chain destiny

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24 - 26 September 2024 | The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI

Master complexity, control your supply chain destiny

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24 - 26 September 2024 | The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI

Master complexity, control your supply chain destiny

Join the conversation | #ALSCGLOBAL

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Master complexity, control your supply chain destiny

North America’s premier automotive logistics platform returns September 24-26, 2024 to Dearborn, Michigan, uniting senior leaders and decision makers as they strive to master the growing complexity of the supply chain, and take control of their destinies in stable operations, costs, financial results and customer service.

The automotive supply chain remains volatile and susceptible to evolving challenges and risk, from geopolitical changes to extreme weather. In North America, uncertainties continue to impact automotive logistics, manufacturing and distribution, heightened even further in a critical election year both for the US and Mexico. Challenges at the US-Mexico border, shipping bottlenecks through the Panama Canal and congestion in West Coast ports are just some of the issues facing the industry. Slower-than-expected growth in electric vehicles has required even more flexibility in the supply chain as OEMs adjust launch and volume plans, whilst mitigating rising costs across logistics and operations is a top priority. The supply chain is in many ways more fragile than ever, leaving carmakers and component suppliers more exposed. 

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global 2024 will explore and highlight:

  • how modern supply chain organisations are mastering growing complexity to manage headwinds near and far, and proactively seize control of their destinies across operations, from sourcing critical components, balancing logistics networks to investing more in systems and capacity
  • the changing and critical roles logistics providers and technology specialists must play in supporting the manufacturers, offering greater flexibility and visibility with new solutions and partnerships that seamlessly integrate into more detailed and convoluted logistics networks
  • strategies and technologies to accelerate digitalisation, improve visibility and automate processes to streamline decision making and control costs
  • how forward-looking companies are integrating green transport equipment and materials to reduce emissions and eliminate waste in logistics and packaging.

This must-attend event will feature multiple streams of panels, presentations, interactive workshops and roundtables covering:

  • finished vehicle logistics
  • global inbound freight and plant logistics
  • service parts and warehouse logistics
  • automotive packaging and strategic supply chain management
  • programme planning, S&OP, advanced planning and procurement.

Don’t miss the chance to join the conversation, learn from and share your vision and expertise with fellow industry leaders and innovators, identify new solutions, find synergies and create opportunities with new and existing partners, and master the complexity to control your supply chain destiny.

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Mercedes Figueroa, Stellantis

Mercedes Figueroa

Vice-President North America Transportation Operations


Ana Lucia Ochoa Lorenzini (1)

Ana Lucia Ochoa Lorenzini

Global Director Supply Chain Management, Driveline Division

American Axle & Manufacturing

Paulo Monteiro, Volkswagen web loading="lazy"/>

Paulo Monteiro

Head of Logistics

Volkswagen Group of America Chattanooga Operations

Oliver Bilstein, BMW

Oliver Bilstein

Vice-President Production Control, Logistics, Material Control

BMW Manufacturing Co.

David Leich, GM

David A. Leich

Executive Director Global Supply Chain

General Motors

Mike Tickle loading="lazy"/>

Mike Tickle

Director of Supply Chain Planning & Performance


Topics Covered

The 24th Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global will deep-dive key supply chain and logistics topics including:

alglobal24–Greater complexity

Greater complexity, greater control 

In 2024 the only constant is change itself, and manufacturers and logistics providers are embracing complexity to create resilient supply chains. Logistics leaders, purchasing teams and network designers must be open to diversifying supply chain networks, comprising more carriers and providers, more trade lanes and multimodal transport, and in some cases even taking direct control of operations – all to help generate greater stability and flexibility. ALSC Global will explore the skillsets, tools and strategies needed to seamless integrate growing volumes of suppliers and providers, ports, railheads, transport modes and distribution channels into the supply chain ecosystem and master the growing complexity for greater control.
alglobal24–Digital power

Turning digital power into physical gains

The integration of digital technologies holds immense potential for transforming supply chain operations into efficient and agile systems, and has become central to supply chain management and logistics strategies. From leveraging data analytics and AI-driven solutions to implementing advanced tracking and automation technologies, ALSC Global 2024 aims to explore how digital innovations can be effectively applied to drive tangible improvements in physical operations, leading to greater efficiency, cost savings, and competitiveness. 
alglobal24–Succeeding together

Succeeding together – creating a win-win supply chain 

Today's logistics and supply chain leaders must simultaneously nurture and challenge partners, providers and suppliers to create a thriving ecosystem that operates seamlessly and drives collective competitiveness, network optimisation, sustainability and digital advancements. ALSC Global will deliver key insights and expertise in supply and logistics capacity planning, S&OP, and digitalisation to explore the strategies and tools needed to manage disruption and transformation, the changing nature of logistics and supplier partnerships, and the necessary mindset for an ‘All in, all win’ supply chain that will give players across automotive logistics and operations a decisive edge.
alglobal24–Scaling green logistics

Scaling green logistics

The pressure to transition to sustainable freight and to decarbonise the supply chain continues to build both in the face of new regulations and consumer demand. There is no silver bullet to radically decarbonise the supply chain, and decisions and investments made today will heavily influence sustainability roadmaps over the years to come. Carmakers, logistics providers and green technology specialists must explore all avenues to reduce emissions and waste, boost recycling and reusage rates across packaging, parts and batteries and find a way to scale green logistics programmes and innovations to stay on course to become net zero. At ALSC Global, logistics and manufacturing leaders will share strategies and tactical solutions for reducing emissions in logistics, improve load capacities, utilise multimodal transport modes and alternative fuels.
alglobal24–Minimising costs

Minimising costs, maximising logistics potential

Crisis management has become an everyday activity and as logistics and supply chain functions become better equipped to deal with disaster, cost control has once again become a key priority for manufacturers. However, rising operating costs and inflation threaten to drive up logistics costs, such as labour, fuel and transport equipment. This year’s event will highlight best practices to save on costs in the supply chain, focus on investment in process automation and explore how logistics leaders are driving down costs with comprising on service quality or speed of delivery.
alglobal24–Balancing Act

Balancing Act: Systems, Process & People

To benefit from digital and automation opportunities in logistics, companies need to take a holistic approach to integrate systems, optimise processes, as well as to empower and upskill employees, with focus on high-value tasks and key decision making. Automotive companies and industry leaders must balance investment across all three, and synchronise capabilities and competencies to maximise value. As technologies advance, ASLC Global 2024 will explore the changing roles and skillsets required to thrive in cutting-edge logistics and supply chain operations, and how logistics leaders are creating and retaining highly skilled teams in a more competitive and demanding landscape.

Why Attend?

Learning & development

Learning & development

Hear from industry leaders as they provide practical, strategic, and intelligent insights into the evolution of automotive logistics and supply chain.

Networking & building connections

Networking & building connections

Forge new connections and drive collaboration taking advantage of networking opportunities at the event, as we bring the automotive logistics community together.

Enterprises solutions & services

Enterprises solutions & services

Explore the latest innovations with our partners showcasing the solutions that are transforming and improving resiliency in your supply chain.

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