2023 Conference Programme


Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global will explore how policies across North America are impacting supply chain operations, with stakeholders and experts from government discussing incentives, changes and opportunities for automotive logistics. The conference will also explore how the industry can best build the most diverse and inclusive teams, especially as mixed cultures and experiences are often critical to success in today’s complex, and ever-changing supply chains.





9.00 – 14.00 EDT

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Global Golf Day

Tee off your conference experience in style, joining colleagues and industry peers on the pristine greens and landscaped fairways of TPC Michigan golf course in Dearborn, MI. Spaces are limited so book early to secure your place.

18.00 – 21.00 EDT

Welcome drinks reception hosted by Kuehne+Nagel at TRIA, The Henry Hotel, Dearborn, MI

Join us on the eve of North America’s premier gathering of automotive logistics and supply chain leaders and experts for a relaxed and engaging evening of networking and socialising at the TRIA restaurant, conveniently located within The Henry Hotel. Catch up with colleagues and old friends, make new connections and kick-start the discussions on the key trends, challenges and opportunities driving the industry forward.

Dress code: Business casual

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08:00 EDT

Conference open for registration, networking and refreshments

Grab your badge and a bite to eat, and then start making new connections and catching up with colleagues and friends

09:00 EDT

Session 1: Securing the future – the new way forward for automotive supply chains

Learn how automotive manufacturers and governments are working in new ways to secure capacity and closer across the entire value chain.

The pandemic, semiconductor crisis and economic volatility of recent years have pushed automotive supply chains to the limit, with resulting shortages in parts and capacity, and reduced investment in logistics equipment and infrastructure hindering manufacturers’ ability to produce and move parts and vehicles and service customers. In response, manufacturers and governments are seeking more control across the supply chain, with ambitious strategies to increase regionalisation and accelerate the transition to sustainable, electric and digital mobility. As a result, carmakers are shaping new partnerships across suppliers and logistics providers, creating integral, strategic links across the automotive supply chain.

In this opening session, hear how strategic approaches to supply chain management are evolving, how carmakers are redefining partnerships and expectations of their suppliers and providers, and how they are rebuilding confidence amongst partners, even as uncertainly and market volatility remain, to secure long-term success.

09:40 EDT

Session 2: Regaining capacity, stability and confidence in North America’s supply chain

Understand how major decisions makers in the automotive industry are adapting to ensure confidence and investment from logistics partner.

After years of reacting to disruption and multiple crises, automotive logistics experts are now stepping up efforts, together with C-suite leaders to regain control, stability and security across the supply chain, and ensure the North American automotive industry meets the standards it needs to compete in efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction, especially as it manages transitions to electrification and sustainability.

Logistics leaders and experts from across the value chain discuss strategies for resilient and innovative operations, and how collectively and collaboratively North American automotive logistics manufacturers and providers can become forward thinking across transport planning, digitalisation, capacity investment and stronger partnerships for a more robust supply chain and network.

10:30 EDT

Networking, Meetings and Exhibition

Grab a bite to eat and take a walk around the exhibition hall to make new connections or future business partners and to catch up with colleagues and friends.

11:15 EDT

Session 3 - Stream 1: Go with the (new) flow – transforming the supply chain footprint

Understand how logistics and supply chain leaders are preparing for rising regionalisation of production and sourcing across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Together with purchasing and engineering teams, logistics managers and their service providers are helping to shift to more regional and local supply chains across North America. Understand the government policies, including incentives like the IRA, and risk mitigation strategies driving the nearshoring trend, learn what the future supply chain footprint and network will look like as new value chains, new manufacturing and logistics hubs and trade flows develop across the US, Mexico and Canada.

Session 3 - Stream 2: Finished Vehicle Logistics – keeping pace with change

With vehicle logistics capacity still constrained, hear how OEMs and LSPs are adapting networks and business models.

Even as network capacity and equipment constraints across road, rail and ocean impact vehicle distribution across North America, vehicle logistics teams and providers must adapt to constant change, including production and sourcing locations, new priorities and business models. OEMs must manage changing import and export trade lanes, design and optimise new intercontinental flows across the US, Mexico and Canada, accommodate increasing volumes of heavier and larger electric vehicles, all while pursuing ever-greener solutions.

In this session, hear how carmakers and logistics providers are embracing the paradigm shift required to maintain efficiency and high-level performance across the vehicle logistics network as the industry rapidly transforms.

12:00 EDT

Session 4 - Stream 1: Essential intelligence – North American and global production and sales outlook

The latest forecasts for North American and global vehicle production, and the trends impacting the supply chain.

Be informed with very latest projections for North American and global vehicle production and sales volumes from market leading industry analysts and forecasters.

Hear expert analysis on the economic, geopolitical and social factors influencing market behaviour and understand how fast changing product portfolios, nearshoring strategies and new value chains including electric vehicles and batteries are reshaping automotive supply chains and creating new challenges and opportunities for supply chain organisations and logistics partners.

Session 4 - Stream 2: Ideas Labs

The Automotive Logistics Ideas Labs are small, solutions-orientated working groups that provide an invaluable opportunity to interact and work directly with key industry peers on the real-life issues that matter most to you. Facilitated by subject-matter experts, each Ideas Lab is an open discussion that addresses challenges head on.

- How electric vehicles will transform service parts logistics
- Precious cargo requires smart packaging.

12:45 EDT

Lunch, Networking and Exhibitions

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14:00 EDT

Session 5 - Stream 1: Rethinking vehicle logistics – are lower inventories here to stay?

How efforts by OEMs to control and prioritise production and inventories will impact vehicle logistics.

Even as production increases and vehicle inventories grow, most OEMs are committed to keeping levels lower and reducing or prioritising output where necessary, with implications for scheduling, pipeline management and transport planning.

Hear from carmakers on ‘what good looks like’ today when it comes to inventory and understand the visibility, ETA and network requirements to manage a leaner vehicle distribution model, and the implications across expectations and services across logistics providers, brokers and dealers.

Session 5 - Stream 2: Ideas Labs

The Automotive Logistics Ideas Labs are small, solutions-orientated working groups that provide an invaluable opportunity to interact and work directly with key industry peers on the real-life issues that matter most to you. Facilitated by subject-matter experts, each Ideas Lab is an open discussion that addresses challenges head on.

- Reducing costs, increasing control of premium freight.
- Practical steps to creating a more diverse, equal and inclusive supply chain organisation.

14:45 EDT

Networking, Meetings and Exhibition

Grab a bite to eat and take a walk around the exhibition hall to make new connections or future business partners and to catch up with colleagues and friends.

15:15 EDT

Session 6 - Stream 1: Fully charged value chains

What the rise of battery and EV supply chains means for inbound, outbound and service parts logistics.

Join this session to understand the logistics competencies, investments and opportunities developing as the electric vehicle and battery manufacturing and distribution value chain scales across North America, from critical raw material sourcing, hazardous material handling, charging infrastructure, vehicle transport, battery replacements and vehicle servicing to end of life recycling.

Session 6 - Stream 2: Innovation Power Hour

Hear short pitches on the latest innovation and technology for automotive logistics.

Hear from the newest and most exciting start-ups and established players revolutionizing the automotive logistics and supply chain sector. Unearth your next business partner and identify the game-changing solutions that will give your supply chain and logistics operations the leading edge.

16:30 EDT

18:00 - 21:00 EDT

Session 7: Making an impact – accelerating diversity, equality and inclusivity in automotive supply chains

A focus on how the automotive logistics can improve and champion gender equality and diversity across operations and management.

Addressing diversity, equality and inclusivity has fast become a fundamental pillar for companies of all sizes and across all sectors. As a truly global industry, automotive manufacturing and its supply chains have the opportunity to lead this change and positively impact millions of lives around the world. This shift can also deliver improvements in supply chain performance, not least as the sector requires new talents and skillsets, new thinking and leadership for the transition to sustainable, connected and electrified mobility solutions.

In this session, hear how individual logistics leaders and forward-thinking automotive manufacturers and providers are taking meaningful action to raise awareness within their own organisations and across their value chain, and develop and implement best practises to create welcoming environments where all individuals can be celebrated and supported to achieve success.

Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global gala reception, hosted by Ryder at The Henry Ford Museum

The conversations and networking continue as you’re transported to the award-winning Henry Ford Museum for an evening combining glamour, history, innovation, fine dining and first-class company. Enjoy an incredible evening with your fellow delegates, surrounded by an amazing collection of the most iconic automobiles ever produced, and be inspired to make your own mark in automotive history.

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Dress code – business casual


08:30 EDT

09:00 EDT

Conference open for registration, networking and refreshments

Grab your badge and a bite to eat, and then start making new connections and catching up with colleagues and friend.

Session 8: Wake-up call – prioritising cyber security for the supply chain

How manufacturers can protect their increasingly digital automotive supply chains from attacks on security, data and operations.

The rapid digital transformation of automotive products, supply chain tools and production processes are paving the way for a connected and efficient future but as technology and services in vehicles increases, automotive manufacturers are facing an increasingly complex software supply chain along with new attack vectors, increasing their exposure to cyber security breaches that can threaten the entire enterprise.

In this session, leading experts address the need to prioritise cyber security and invest in preventative measures to eliminate threats and vulnerabilities for supply chain as the digital ecosystem continues to expand and evolve.

09:30 EDT

10:15 EDT

Session 9: Building a supply chain metaverse – connecting physical and digital world

Learn more about how manufacturers and logistics providers are accelerating digital transformation across operations and setting a path to even more connected, immersive digital twins.

Following years of production disruptions and delivery delays, automotive manufacturers and service providers are accelerating the path to more connected, transparent and predictive supply chains. In this session our panel of supply chain and technology experts explore the technology and process to digitalise the supply chain, from real-time tracking and control towers, network optimisation to artificial intelligence, sharing real-world case studies and discussing the potential of the metaverse for supply chain.

Networking, Meetings and Exhibition

Grab a bite to eat and take a walk around the exhibition hall to make new connections or future business partners and to catch up with colleagues and friends.

10:45 EDT

Session 10 - Stream 1: Bridging the gap between logistics planning and operational execution in production and service parts

The role of demand planning and simulation in operating the most efficient networks for inbound logistics and service parts distribution.

The gap between logistics planning and operational execution is closing with scenario simulation technology, dvanced network modelling and demand forecasting. Logistics planners for production and service parts increasingly have more data, and in real time, for more accurate supply chain flows, and increasing capabilities for dynamic adjustments based on real-world events and constraints. However, in today’s VUCA landscape, operations require greater flexibility than ever before and the ability to deviate from the plan to keep parts arriving on time, and hold the right levels of inventory.

In this session, understand how supply chain leaders and expert planners are integrating planning and operational functions and improving the systems, communication and processes that allow them to better align manufacturing and distribution networks to near constant changing demands and scenarios.

Session 10 - Stream 2: Finished Vehicle Logistics - En-lightening the load through data

How data and visibility is helping OEMs and LSPs to transform finished vehicle logistics.

Lower inventory levels, capacity constraints and longer lead times across road, rail and ocean has made improving visibility of the vehicle logistics network a top priority for carmakers and logistics providers. The ability capture and use data has become a differentiator, enabling greater transparency of the network, real-time tracking of vehicle movements and improved customer service for dealers and end customers.

Learn more about the tools and innovations enlightening vehicle logistics and helping practitioners optimise flows better utilise capacity.

11:45 EDT

Session 11 - Stream 1: Taking control of parts and packaging: lean, green and seen

Hear how having a plan for every part and efficient packaging network design can significantly improve network utilisation and logistics costs.

Near-constant crisis and increased cases of supply chain disruptions and issues requiring urgent attention can leave little capacity for focus on process excellence and network optimisation, but these are fundamental practices that underpin cost control, network efficiency, and waste reduction, particularly across parts movement and packaging.

In this session, logistics and packaging specialists will discuss how innovations in network engineering and design, as well as material choices are crucial to improving fill rates, reducing CO2 footprints, and how enhanced asset-tracking and visibility can maximise capacity and ease bottlenecks.

Session 11 - Stream 2: Essential intelligence – Automotive Logistics North America Market Report 2022-2033

Gain insight on the market size and forecast for North American automotive logistics from automotive analyst Daniel Harrison

Untitled design (30)
Daniel Harrison, Automotive Analyst, Automotive Logistics & Ultima Media

Get a deeper understanding of the North American automotive logistics market with Automotive Logistics’ exclusive in-depth business intelligence on the current and future market share of the region’s leading logistics providers for inbound, outbound, service parts and premium freight, along with expert analysis of the major industry trends and challenges shaping the services and market outlook for automotive logistics transportation across rail, ocean, road and air.

12:00 EDT

Lunch, Networking and Exhibitions

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13:00 EDT

13:45 EDT

Session 12: Driving towards a cleaner future

Insight on the short-term measures and long-term strategies that manufacturers and logistics providers are pursuing on the path to decarbonising automotive supply chains.

Whilst automotive product portfolios transform, becoming more environmentally friendly and eventually carbon neutral, that path to net zero for transport and logistics will take time, as there is no immediate path to scaling up zero emission road, truck, rail or air freight. If manufacturers and logistics providers don’t work together closely, new supply chain and manufacturing requirements, including for EV and battery production, could lead to increases in transport emissions, material and packaging waste. That is why manufacturers are so focused on implementing long-term strategies to achieve more sustainable logistics and packaging.

In this session, understand how carmakers, suppliers and key stakeholders are investing in sustainable transport, material and packaging solutions, working closely with providers and suppliers to reduce emissions through alternative fuels and multimodal strategies, and developing more advanced recycling processes and partnerships to accelerate the decarbonisation of the supply chain.

Session 13: Leading today, building for tomorrow

Logistics leaders share their lessons learned for designing a more resilient, secure and still flexible supply chain fit for the future in North America.

Daily firefighting comes as standard for logistics and supply chain practitioners in today’s environment, with line stoppages always just one supplier failure or one missed shipment away, but logistics leaders must separate themselves from the noise to develop the strategies and steer their organisations in a direction that will enable them to thrive in the longer-term. The development, retention and recruitment of talent is a fundamental aspect, ensuring that existing employees have the tools and skills they need to succeed, whilst preparing the next generation of leaders and team members to thrive in the years to come.

In this final session, logistics leaders will share their views on the key forces and trends shaping their strategies and approaches to investments and partnership with suppliers and providers, and how their organisations are investing in people, upskilling existing employees for the digital age, and connecting with gen-z zoomers to attract and develop the future specialists and leaders of the industry.

15:00 EDT

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