German finished vehicle logistics provider Mosolf has introduced a package of measures to help protect employees during the coronavirus crisis, which is updated according to the latest government findings and standards.

In the latest update to the Mosolf Logistics Protection Program, access to all Mosolf business sites is only possible through a so-called Mosolf Health Gate and any people suffering from respiratory problems or a temperature will not be allowed to access a site.

“Before anybody enters a site, a health check takes place; people have to respond to a standard questionnaire orally and their temperature is measured using infrared equipment,” said Mosolf in a statement. “If there is the slightest suspicion of an infection, the person, whether an employee or an outside visitor, is barred from entering the site.”

In addition, anyone wishing to enter a Mosolf business location will have to wear personal protective equipment PPE, including a face mask, which will be provided.

This measure follows recommendations introduced at the beginning of March in which washing and disinfectant facilities were set up at all sites and PPE was distributed to all company locations.

“The Mosolf Logistics Protection Program underlines that we’re taking our duty to care for people and our responsibility for implementing the SARS-CoV-2 health and safety standards very seriously,” said Dr Jörg Mosolf, CEO of the Mosolf Group. “We want to give our employees, customers and suppliers the best possible degree of safety that’s available for their daily work.”

Additional measures also include mandatory wearing of disposable gloves for people handling transport documents. Masks are obligatory for people who are often in contact with others or whose work means that they cannot continually maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people, said the company. The gloves and masks have to be changed several times a day and disposed of safely.