2024 Conference Programme


This year’s event will feature multiple streams of panels, presentation, interactive workshops and roundtables covering global inbound freight and plant logistics, finished vehicle logistics, service parts and warehouse logistics, automotive packaging and strategic supply chain management including programme planning, S&OP, advanced planning and procurement.


18.00 - 21.00 CET

Welcome Cocktail Reception

Join industry leaders, experts, colleagues and peers for a delightful evening of networking and camaraderie at the welcome drinks reception, conveniently located at the Kameha Grand Hotel.
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Dress code – Business Casual


08.00 CET

Conference open for registration, networking and refreshments

Collect your badge, explore the exhibition and enjoy a bite to eat ahead of a packed opening day.

09.00 CET

Keynote and Panel: Logistics as a competitive advantage – Reducing complexity, increasing flexibility, maximising capacity

Hear how manufacturers like Volkswagen Group have used supply chain and logistics management to navigate disruption, whilst also helping to drive sales, reduce costs, and accelerate the shift towards electric and sustainable mobility.


Oliver B round

Oliver Bronder, Managing Director Vehicle Logistics, Volkswagen Group Logistics, Volkswagen Group

Rainer K round

Rainer Kiefer, Executive Vice President, Global Head of Sales, DB Schenker

Andreas Enger round

Andreas Enger, CEO, Höegh Autoliners

Automotive logistics underpins the ability of European and global manufacturers to mitigate successive crises and to manage variations and uncertainty in the supply chain, from extreme weather to sudden changes in demand. Simultaneously, holistic, connected logistics management is fundamental to improving financial results, fulfilling customer expectations and meeting strategic objectives. Manufacturers that find the right balance of effective planning, visibility and partnership in its supply chain management will have a decisive edge.

Our opening keynote and panel will set the tone for ALSC Europe 2024. Hear from Volkswagen Group’s deputy managing director Oliver Bronder on how the carmaker has used synergies, digitalisation and partnership to mitigate disruption and overcome logistics capacity challenges, especially in vehicle logistics, and look ahead to important transformation and regulations. Then join a dynamic panel that will explore how to invest and implement effective logistics management and vehicle distribution as a competitive advantage.

In this session you’ll learn more about:
• Group Logistics’ role in Volkswagen Group’s transformation and global supply chain development, including new brands and plants, battery supply chains, vehicle logistics and more.
• Crisis management – mitigation tactics and proactive management of recent and ongoing crisis, from reducing the impact of the Red Sea crisis to vehicle logistics capacity shortages across ocean and ports in Europe.
• Advancing digital competencies and leveraging new system capabilities and technology for greater visibility, automation and control.
• Long-term strategic planning for the supply chain, such capacity investment, sustainability and electrification.

10.15 CET

Networking, meetings and exhibition

11.00 CET

Keynote and Panel: Logistics leads the change: accelerating digital, automated, greener supply chains

Learn how manufacturers and logistics providers are transforming logistics management and increasingly supply chain resiliency through digitalisation, automation and more sustainable practices.


Torsten Müller

Torsten Müller , Senior Director, Supply Chain International, AUDI AG

Adam Jones round

Adam Jones , Director of Sector Strategies, Unipart Group

Gabriel Werner round 2

Gabriel Werner, Global Field CTO, Blue Yonder

Europe’s automotive supply chain leaders and organisations must not only be ready for change, they need to be out ahead of it. To stay competitive, manufacturers and logistics providers must run logistics with greater efficiency than ever, including automating non-value-added operations and digitalising processes and data across the supply chain. Meanwhile, a green supply chain is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is increasingly central to meet regulatory changes, eliminate unnecessary waste and emissions in transport, packaging and equipment, as well as to meet long-term commitments.

Such transformation is centre stage in this session. In a keynote from Audi’s Torsten Müller, learn how the OEM is accelerating automation, digitalisation and sustainability across logistics management. And in a wide-ranging expert panel, understand how OEMs, suppliers and logistics providers are taking steps to transform logistics, and using key data and visibility to reduce complexity and steer wider supply chain design and enterprise decisions.

Join this session and learn more about:
• How Audi is transforming its supply chain management with focus on logistics automation, digitalisation and sustainability
• How automotive players must balance efficiency and lean with the need to maintain greater resilience
• Challenges in implementing change, including technology, inventory management and investment costs
• How changing supply chains for great efficiency and sustainability requires enterprise-wide coordination, including in engineering and purchasing

12:00 CET

Keynote: Essential intelligence: European and global sales and production outlook

Expert analysis and insight on the market drivers, disruptors, economic and geo-political factors shaping the forecasts for European and global vehicle production, and the key trends impacting the supply chain.


Henner Lehne round

Henner Lehne, Vice President – Global Vehicle Forecasting, Automotive, S&P Global Mobility

Empowering Excellence: Women in Supply Chain Forum & Speed Networking

Hear inspiring personal stories, share guidance and connect with forward-thinking peers and leaders to accelerate cultural change across the industry and support women in the automotive supply chain.


Sabine Isenbort

Sabine Isenbort, Manager, Inbound Logistics Operations, Ford Europe

Iza kalinska round

Iza Kalinska, Logistics & Distribution Lead, JLR

Sonia santos new round

Sónia Santos, Vice President Worldwide Manufacturing, Robert Bosch Power Tools , GmbH

This interactive session is designed to help women advance further in the automotive supply chain industry through learning, networking, and professional growth. Gain valuable perspectives on overcoming challenges, excelling individually and building supportive and thriving teams. Hear directly from influential and inspirational women logistics leaders on their personal journeys, lessons learnt and visions for the future before connecting with like-minded professionals, industry experts, and potential mentors in a series of short one-on-one networking rounds.

12:45 CET

Lunch & networking

Hosted by Priority Freight


14:00 CET

Session: Finished Vehicle Logistics - Stabilise, optimise, thrive

Hear how OEMs and providers are working to mitigate equipment, network and labour capacity constraints to stabilise and optimise vehicle logistics flows


Martina Graser round

Martina Graser, Director, MP&L, Ford Europe

Jaroslaw Headshot round ALSC Europe

Jaroslaw Maszczak, Senior Vice President, RPM Europe

Kay lemcke round

Kay Lemcke, Chief Operating Officer, Sallaum Lines Switzerland SA

Dennis Feddern circle

Dennis Feddern, Head of yard and Workshop Solutions, INFORM

Ideas Lab: Re-writing the supply chain crisis management playbook

Join logistics crisis management experts and industry peers for an interactive workshop focused on how manufacturers and logistics providers can enhance responsiveness and decision making and develop more proactive strategies to mitigate the next black swan event or major supply chain disruption.


Thomas blank round

Thomas Blank, Vice President, EMEA, CNW

What was once reliable supply and demand cycles with isolated disruptions have today been replaced with near-constant crisis, from geopolitical events and wars, extreme weather and natural disasters to severe market uncertainties, supplier fragility and changes in automotive OEMs’ business models. Whilst logistics and supply chain teams have become more adept at managing multiple crisis, the industry is still largely reactive to unplanned events and continues to rely on traditional, often manual and labour-intensive practises to solve unprecedented and complex challenges.

In this interactive workshop, hear from experts, share your ideas and learn from peers as the group uses real-world, recent supply chain disruption case studies to challenge and improve crisis management practises and enhance supply chain resiliency:
• Hear how automotive manufacturers are developing more resilient supply chains by improving scenario planning and risk management strategies
• Understand the cost and delivery time benefits of proactively developing and implementing creative logistics solutions, including alternatives to scheduled modes of replenishment, early on
• Challenge the standard logistics crisis response procedures and inventory management, and identify how to increase control of unforeseen supply chain emergencies
• Increase your emergency preparedness, identifying the tools and communication strategies to streamline decision making

Ideas Lab: A new dimension: Automotive packaging as a strategic advantage

Hear from packaging specialists and providers on how investing in packaging design, engineering, flows and strategies can be a competitive advantage and help deliver costs savings, increase transport network optimisation and reduce waste and emissions.

15.00 CET

Networking & refreshments

15:30 CET

Panel: Forging a win-win advantage in the supply chain

Building directly from discussion in Bonn in 2023, this session will show how manufactures, suppliers and logistics partners are finding new ways to work together, share information and transport operations to help all meet efficiency and sustainability targets.


Levent Yuksel round

Levent Yuksel, Freight Operations Director, JLR

etienne jacob round

Étienne Jacob, Global Supply Chain Director, Plastic Omnium

Julian Schulcz (1)

Julian Schulcz, Chief Operating Officer, 4flow

Greg Slawson

Greg Slawson, Senior Vice President, Global Accounts, Automotive Vertical, DSV

Europe’s automotive industry is increasingly competitive and requires razor-sharp focus on efficiency, performance and cost. However, that does not mean that vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers cannot find ways to work together that can help both sides benefit in different ways – but it does take close communication, trustful relationships and a willingness to make changes, together.

Join this session to learn how manufacturers, suppliers and partners are taking new and unorthodox steps to achieve ‘win-wins’ in quality, productivity, sustainability and cost. Building on discussion from Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe in 2023, companies including JLR and Plastic Omnium will discuss clear progress, plans and challenges in finding new ways to work together to improve supply chain and logistics operations for both, especially in areas like sustainability. Understand as well how logistics partners can also help mutual customers to take these collaborations to a new level.

Key topics in this session will include:
  • Multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder and cross-functional types of collaboration happening, including across OEMs, tier-N suppliers and logistics providers
  • Opportunities for working together to share common transport, packaging and consolidation across the supply chain
  • The technology and personal relationships needed to forge such partnerships and trust
  • Risk mitigation in procurement and supply chain design
  • Examples will be shared to show and track real progress, with follow up to discuss after the event – showing action and results.

Lightning Presentations: Innovation power hour

Hear from the newest and most exciting start-ups and established players revolutionizing the automotive logistics and supply chain sector, and identify the game-changing solutions that will give your supply chain and logistics operations the leading edge.


Stefan round

Dr. Stefan Kremsner, CEO, s2 data & algorithms GmbH

Christine Krathwohl circle

Christine Krathwohl, VP Global Business Development, FreightVerify

Markus Ramirez round

Markus Ramirez, Managing Director Global Sales – Automotive Solutions, FedEx

Ahmed Abdelhalim

Ahmed Abdelhalim, BU Manager – Industrial IoT, ALPS ALPINE

16:30 CET

Keynote and Panel: Planning a resilient supply chain: Seeing the big picture

This session will explore how manufacturers are reinventing supply chain management to improve visibility, planning, sustainability and cost performance, end-to-end.


Jean-Marc Carlicchi, Renault_circle

Jean-Marc Carlicchi, Vice-president, Supply Chain Engineering, Renault Group

Michelle Carter new round

Michelle Carter, Supply Chain Director Europe, Asia and RSA, IAC Group

Luiz Solia round

Luiz Solia, Vice President, Industry Principal, Kinaxis

Nurettin Erdogan round

Nurettin Erdogan, Automotive Vertical Head Europe, CEVA Logistics

As automotive manufacturers transform supply chains to ramp up electrification and reduce emissions, they want to shape operations to be flexible and agile enough to remain stability, quality and costs. That requires visibility not only of production plans, transport capacity, or supplier inventory, but a full view of how this ecosystem links together and the ripple effects of any changes across the global network, whether sudden supplier issues or geopolitical shifts. Achieving that means making the best use of digitalisation tools and innovations, as well as putting strategic supply chain management at the heart of leadership, decision making and collaboration.

This session will explore how automotive manufacturers are building end-to-end resilience, including in enhanced supply chain planning and engineering, supplier management, digitalisation, and operational excellence right through to final customer delivery. It will feature insight from top innovators who are reinventing their supply chain organisation to integrate manufacturing and procurement, building close relations with critical suppliers, investing hugely in training and working with advanced digital planning and AI tools to spot potential disruption and new opportunities far in advance.

Join this session to learn more about what it takes to build more resilient, sustainable and flexible supply chains across Europe and globally, including long-term planning and co-creation across partners. It will also explore how leaders can inspire their teams, partners and new talent to build the future supply chain, together.

Key topics in this session will include:
  • Developing cross-functional supply chain and logistics planning
  • Digital tools for visibility, predictability and compliance across complex supply chains
  • Adapting to different supply chain requirements
  • Risk mitigation in procurement and supply chain design
  • Ensuring cost performance and competitiveness

18:00 - 21:00 CET

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Europe Gala Dinner Reception

Experience an enchanting evening under the starlit sky at our Gala Reception on the picturesque river Rhine. Discuss the day’s highlights and unwind whilst taking in the views and enjoying the gourmet cuisine with fellow attendees. The vessel departs from and returns to the Kameha Grand Hotel.
Hosted by DB Schenker



08:30 CET

Conference open for registration, networking and refreshments

Re-group and re-fuel for day two with some early morning refreshments, and kick start the conversation with new-found colleagues and connections.

09:00 CET

Keynote and Panel: High-value supply chains: lessons in logistics planning and performance for bespoke manufacturing and logistics

Hear the unique and nuanced logistics complexities of highly customised, bespoke manufacturers and how supply chain management functions can transform a carmaker’s business trajectory.


Martin Corner round

Martin Corner, Head of Supply Chain and Logistics, Aston Martin

Ultra-luxury and specialised carmakers face a unique set of supply chain and logistics challenges, as even minor disruptions or market shifts can lead to high levels of inventory or delays. Those companies that put more focus on strong logistics and supply chain control functions will see increased flexibility, reduced costs and better supply chain performance. These are lessons also relevant to higher volume manufacturers, as they manage more bespoke, specialised models and technologies. Our panel of supply chain leaders will deep dive into strategies for bespoke manufacturers and high-value supply chains, with a focus on how logistics management and partnerships can enhance customer satisfaction and financial results. As part of this session, gain unique insights from Aston Martin’s supply chain leader, Martin Corner in a special keynote presentation, as he outlines his vision for the carmaker’s supply chain strategy and reveals the complexities of building an advanced supply chain organisation for the luxury sportscar manufacturer, including how to manage forecasting, small-batch ordering and lower volume logistics, as well as the need to collaborate closely with engineering and purchasing. A wider panel will discuss the logistics strategies, tools and partnerships helping a range of specialist manufacturers and supply chains to succeed.

Join this session and learn more about:

  • How Aston Martin is transforming its supply chain management strategies and preparing to scale up production volumes
  • Managing supplier risk across highly specialised supply bases
  • The transformative role of strong logistics management across bespoke and mass-volume supply chains
  • How to adapt high-volume supply chain strategies and tactics for the high-value sector

09:45 CET

Keynote and Panel: All in, all win: Winning the Gold for supply chain

High-performing supply chains have always been important in the automotive sector, but today’s fiercely competitive industry and complex industrial, political and trading landscapes have made mastering supply chain and having stable logistics management critical to automotive manufacturers’ business plans and long-term prosperity. Modern-day logistics leaders must simultaneously nurture and challenge partners, providers and suppliers to create a thriving ecosystem that operates seamlessly and drives collective competitiveness, network optimisation, sustainability and digital advancements.


JC round

Jean-Christophe Deville, Vice-President of Supply Chain, Toyota Motor Europe

In this keynote and panel session, hear from Jean-Christophe Deville on how stronger partnerships are underpinning Toyota’s supply chain advancements in Europe. A panel of manufacturers and logistics experts will then explore the strategies and tools to manage disruption and transformation, the changing nature of logistics and supplier partnerships, and the necessary mindset for an ‘All in, all win’ supply chain that will give players across automotive logistics a decisive edge.
Join this keynote and panel to learn more about:

  • Tools and strategies to mitigate crisis and improve supply chain performance
  • Network optimisation and supply chain design
  • Meeting sustainable and green logistics targets
  • Digitalisation and advanced planning opportunities
  • OEM-supplier-LSP relationships fit for the future

  • 10:30 CET

    Networking & refreshments

    11:00 CET

    Sustainable Freight Keynote and Ideas Lab: Zero emissions, infinite ambitions – scaling green logistics solutions

    In this engaging session, hear about the sustainable logistics visions from leaders at JLR and Mercedes-Benz, followed by an interactive workshop featuring key supply chain stakeholders on the opportunities, collaboration, co-investment and barriers that need to be considered when manufacturers move from pilot programmes to scaling green logistics, including using alternative fuels, low- and- zero-emissions logistics equipment and solutions.


    Levent Yuksel round

    Levent Yuksel, Freight Operations Director, JLR

    Anouck Arnaud, Mercedes-Benz_circle

    Anouck Arnaud, Director of Worldwide Transport Logistics, Mercedes-Benz Group

    Moving from pilot projects to implementation of green logistics requires a strong focus on innovation, holistic goals across an organisation, and a willingness to invest in the long-term and support partners. In this interactive session, logistics leaders from Mercedes-Benz and JLR will first share their targets, ambitions and challenges in sustainable logistics. That will then lead into a workshop where participants will actively discuss the best ways to work together with stakeholders to bring sustainable technology into operation in areas of freight logistics, vehicle logistics and shipping. Together with participants in working groups, it will explore co-investment, partnerships and support required from senior management and industry stakeholders. Join logistics leaders and sustainability specialists to learn and share your challenges and ambition, and to inspire and be inspired as the group identifies how the industry can align on common goals in scaling logistics sustainability, without compromising customer satisfaction or competitiveness. Active working groups from the session will be encouraged to continue exchange after the event and share further progress later in 2024 and at future events.

    12:00 CET

    Keynote and Panel: Fuelling greener transport ambitions

    Achieving carbon neutrality is a must for Europe’s carmakers, and the clock is ticking as regulatory targets, mandates and the European Green Deal shift sustainable supply chains from being a long-term aspiration to business-critical objectives. With supply chains and transport networks accountable for many emissions and waste, automotive logistics stakeholders are accelerating efforts to measure and eliminate them on the path to carbon neutrality and circularity. These include innovations such as the development of emissions calculations and reporting standards, implementation of flexible, low-emission freight technology, battery and material recycling best practise, and much more.


    Andreaa Serbu round
    Andreea Serbu, Senior Manager External Affairs, ECG

    Roman Noack
    Roman Noack, Co-founder & CEO, HELROM GmbH

    Carola Krause
    Carola Krause, Senior Product and Business Development Manager EMEA, TES Sustainable Battery Solutions

    Essential intelligence: Emissions calculation and reporting guideline for automotive supply chains
    Hear how the new guidelines, created by European manufacturers and logistics service providers in collaboration with the VDA and ECG, can support automotive companies by providing a more precise and standardised approach to calculating and reporting transport emissions, and affording logistics leaders and decision makers fair and equitable comparisons on emissions among and between trade lanes, logistics flows and transport modes.

    Speaker: Andreea Serbu, Senior Manager, External Affair, ECG

    Leveraging intermodal logistics to decarbonise freight transport
    In the race to carbon-free supply chains, carmakers and logistics providers must explore every opportunity to reduce emissions, including greater use of rail and intermodal strategies. Hear from rail freight specialists HELROM on how new rail wagon technologies and equipment can improve connections between road and rail freight, increasing intermodal opportunities and thus generating more carbon emission savings.

    Speaker: Roman Noack , Co-founder & CEO, HELROM GmbH

    Closing the EV battery loop: return, reuse, recycle
    The emergence of electric vehicles has created new supply chains and introduced new players into the automotive ecosystem. As Europe’s carmakers race to establish reliable supply and flows of critical raw materials, new components and assembled batteries, logistics and supply chain leaders must also develop robust, competitive and safe end-of-life practises that contribute to sustainability goals, minimise cost and align with technical standards and dangerous goods regulations.

    Europe’s regulatory landscape for moving, reusing and recycling EV batteries and hazardous materials is evolving at pace, amplifying the need to establish closed loop supply chains whilst remaining compliant in a complex and changing environment. Learn from end-of-life battery experts on the latest European battery regulations and explore the challenges of managing end-of-life logistics, including the latest battery recycling efficiency and material recovery targets and new logistics requirements for waste lithium-ion battery disposal and vehicle recalls.

    Speaker: Carola Krause, Senior Product and Business Development Manager EMEA, TES Sustainable Battery Solutions

    Session: Essential intelligence: Automotive Logistics European Market

    Gain exclusive insight on the market size and outlook for the European automotive logistics market with industry expert Daniel Harrison


    Daniel Harrison

    Daniel Harrison, Automotive Analyst, Ultima Media & Automotive Logistics

    Get a deeper understanding of the European automotive logistics market with in-depth insight and analysis from Automotive Logistics’ business intelligence leader, Daniel Harrison. In this session, receive an exclusive preview of the latest European Automotive Logistics Market Report 2024-2034, including market forecasts by logistics mode and logistics type, detailed market share evaluations for parts and vehicle logistics providers across rail, road, ocean and air, plus expert analysis of key market drivers and disruptors, with conclusions & strategic recommendations.

    12:45 CET

    Lunch & networking

    Hosted by Prority Freight


    13.45 CET

    Keynote: Turning Collaboration into Integration – A new model for synergies in commercial vehicle logistics at TRATON Group

    Hear unique insights on how the TRATON Group is creating a new global logistics management function, to be a key service provider in the group, enabling value creation and supporting the industrial operations across its commercial vehicle brands: SCANIA, MAN, Navistar and Volkswagen Truck & Bus.


    Fabio castello round

    Fabio Castello, Chief Logistics Officer | Senior Vice President Logistics, TRATON GROUP | Scania Group

    The commercial vehicle sector is undergoing radical transformation, investing in lower emission technologies, enhanced safety features and digital capabilities designed to minimise vehicle downtime and optimise efficiency. Such large-scale change and investment requires commercial vehicle manufacturers to minimise costs and maximise competencies and excellence across the enterprise and its brands, with manufacturers increasingly viewing efficient logistics and effective supply chain management as an area that can make a significant contribution.

    In this session, hear how the TRATON Group is developing a new global organisation for its brands’ logistics functions that will improve efficiency, reduce costs, optimise and standardise processes, and reduce the carbon footprint of the group. In this special keynote, Fabio Castello will share his vision for TRATON's integrated global logistics organisation and offer unique insights into the supply chain complexities, barriers and strategies of the Group's brands.

    14.00 CET

    Keynote: Performing whilst transforming: Navigating present disruptions, forging tomorrow’s path

    In the rapidly transforming automotive value chain, hear how logistics and supply chain leaders are balancing intensifying immediate demands, including costs, capacity and market volatility whilst architecting a sustainable, technologically advanced and efficient future.


    Michael Nick round

    Dr Michael Nikolaides, Senior Vice-President Production Network, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, BMW Group