Polish finished vehicle carrier Adampol has expanded the range of PDI services it offers at its Malaszewicze vehicle terminal on the Polish border with Belarus with a new method for removing hail damage to vehicles sustained during transport.

The company’s employees have been trained according to ÖCC-MAN System standards, which cover the repair of dents on the car body without damaging the paint. The method allows for the dents to be repaired without the need to use filling and coating, which the company said reduces repair costs and does not reduce the value of the vehicle.

“Most of the damages caused by hail are removed without replacing parts with new ones,” said the company in a statement. “Adampol's trained staff does repairs in a paint shop in Malaszewicze, expertly equipped for this purpose.

Adampol started using the ÖCC-MAN System in March this year. It originates in Italy and was created by Ercole Eroza around 40 years ago. It translates from the north Italian dialect as Eye-Hand, i.e. what the eye sees, the hand has to fix.

Adampol said the PDI services it offers at Malaszewicze allows for direct delivery of vehicles to dealers in Russia and the CIS countries.

The Malaszewicze vehicle terminal already provides a range of PDI services for vehicles. As well as hail damage repair this includes replacement and repair of damaged parts, including windscreens, door glass, wheels and airbags, as well as providing paint shop services and car washing.

The Malaszewicze terminal also provides container handling and SKD services for onward movement to Russia. Read more about Adampol's services for the Russian market here.