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Data quality and collaboration key to sustainable future

2021-10-11T14:18:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Carmakers and their supplier partners are collaborating more closly through a number of initiatives designed to make the future of automotive production and logistics more sustainable


Daimler separates business into strategic management of cars and trucks

2021-10-06T12:51:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Daimler is realigning its business, spinning off the commercial vehicle divisions into a new company called Daimler Truck Holding and renaming the car and van business Mercedes-Benz Group


Germany signs up to e-CMR digital consignment note protocol

2021-10-04T09:06:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Germany has signed up to the e-CMR protocol, which is designed to digitalise consignment notices needed for the international transport of goods and make the process more efficient, while at the same time saving hundreds of tonnes of paper a year.

Ford Blue Oval City battery plant

Ford to build battery and assembly plants in Kentucky and Tennessee for massive acceleration of EV output

2021-09-28T12:12:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Together with South Korean battery maker SK Innovation (SKI), Ford is investing $11.4 billion on new plants, which aim to significantly increase regional battery supply and production capacity.


UK haulage industry in crisis as driver numbers haemorrhage

2021-09-28T11:38:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Fuel shortages in the UK are being blamed on a lack of drivers to deliver it but it is just the latest issue to afflict the haulage industry in the wake of Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

DTroy Sunset2

Watch: Moving better through the border, together

2021-09-28T00:45:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

Agustin Sustaita, MD of Transportes Logisticos Especializados and D-Troy Logistics partner, discusses door-to-door solutions that can reduce lead times and cost at the US-Mexico border.

Renault bodies

Sustainable supply chains make for sustainable business models

2021-09-23T06:03:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

Renault carbon reduction targets will be a challenge for logistics, but the carmaker is working on projects for alternative fuels, transport innovations and new partnerships in the circular economy.


Microchip shortage threatens finished vehicle carriers, warns ECG

2021-09-21T12:06:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

A lack of supply chain visibility in the midst of the latest disruptions to the automotive sector are putting the finished vehicle transport sector in peril, says the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG) 


Kuehne + Nagel moving plant equipment for Porsche eFuel project in Chile

2021-09-15T06:27:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

The global logistics provider is handling the delivery of equipment to build a plant in renewable energy plant in Punta Arenas that will make e-fuels for the transport sector


Maersk embraces sustainable shipping with latest investments

2021-09-14T11:05:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

AP Moller-Maersk is replacing eight of its older container vessels with new ones that will run on carbon-neutral methanol and is signing contracts for the green fuel sourcing agreements with providers in Europe and the US


BMW to cut carbon from Neue Klasse EV lifecycle

2021-09-13T11:20:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

BMW is cutting the emissions generated from the supply of parts and production of its Neue Klasse EV platform in an effort to meet strict sustainability targets by 2030


GM and Honda to share parts in joint EV development

2021-09-07T11:30:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

As part of their ongoing agreement for the joint development of electric vehicles, GM and Honda are reported to have agreed to share 50% of parts by value on future EV products


Clarity drives focus in the battery supply chain

2021-09-06T15:00:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

The increasing demand from the automotive industry for lithium battery materials could be the next big disruption unless OEMs adopt better risk and contingency analysis says Rekha Menon-Varma, co-founder and managing partner at Vertaeon


Gartner lays out how OEMs can navigate the global chip shortage

2021-09-06T13:31:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Carmakers need to get better connected with the semiconductor manufacturers supplying them if they are to avoid the sort of disruption they are currently experiencing, including through investment in joint production


GM changes strategy in the scramble for secure battery and chip supply

2021-08-26T16:51:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

GM is looking for supplier partnerships to secure the supply of semiconductors and lithium-ion batteries as the automotive industry battles post-pandemic supply shortages and prepares for its electric future

Electric Vehicle image 2 hi res shutterstock

Electrifying Europe: EU ‘Fit for 55’ legislation will transform the automotive supply chain

2021-08-23T21:46:00+01:00By Daniel Harrison

The EU’s latest salvo to mitigate against climate change will eliminate ICEs and transform automotive supply chains across Europe and beyond


GBA helps VW towards zero-emissions goal

2021-08-20T12:22:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

UK ports operator GBA has achieved a “neutral balance sheet” for CO2 emissions for all port and terminal activities relating to its customer Volkswagen


Adapting to change at Amports

2021-08-17T11:10:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Amports has spent the last couple of years increasing capacity and services in North America’s vehicle handling ports, something that stood it in good stead to manage volatility last year

2020_FL_Air_Frankfurt am Main (4) (1)

Parts suppliers need to understand rules of origin

2021-08-12T15:07:00+01:00By Gary Dodsworth

Parts suppliers in the UK need to understand a few priorities about the rules of origin by the end of this year if they are to correctly assess the tariffs that will be applied

Ford Mustang Mach E GT

Taking charge of battery supply at Ford

2021-08-09T23:36:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Ford has some very ambitious targets for pure battery electric vehicle production in the US through to 2030 and that includes a more vertically integrated battery supply chain.