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Matthias Braun, VW battery

Watch: Charging up battery logistics at Volkswagen

2022-05-12T20:10:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

Volkswagen Group is building its own gigafactories in Europe, and Matthias Braun is helping to define the logistics. Hear how the OEM and logistics providers like Maersk and Orbis are redefining standards and processes.


Supply shortages hit UK vehicle output in Q1 says SMMT

2022-05-02T15:41:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Vehicle production in the UK in the first quarter of this year was badly affected by supply shortages while also dealing with a tough economic environment with rising energy costs and other inflationary factors


Wolfspeed opens Mohawk Valley semiconductor fab in US

2022-04-26T10:17:00+01:00By Marcus Williams

Carmakers in North America, including GM and Lucid Motors, stand to benefit from the opening this week of Wolfspeed’s new silicon carbide fab in New York state 


Testing TPS resilience when dealing with disruption at Toyota

2022-04-25T07:48:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

In the face of ongoing supply chain disruption, the Toyota Production System (TPS) is proving itself a reliable tool for building resiliency into the carmaker’s logistics.

Assembly 2021_banner_medium

A sea change for sustainable vehicle delivery

2022-04-20T10:56:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Short-sea vehicle carriers, including Höegh Autoliners and UECC, are investing in cleaner vessel technology to meet ambitious goals and make shipping more sustainable

CATL Germany

CATL powers ahead with a regional, sustainable supply chain strategy

2022-04-11T23:21:00+01:00By Daniel Harrison

With a new carbon-neutral gigafactory in China, and a plant set to start production this year in Germany, the Chinese battery cell producer is scaling its production and logistics to create secure and sustainable battery supply.


CMA CGM buys Gefco ahead of sanctions threat

2022-04-08T16:14:00+01:00By Marcus Williams, Jason Dunn

CMA CGM has bought Gefco, including the 75% share owned by Russian Railways and the 25% share retained by Stellantis. The buyout strengthens the container line company’s logistics offering to the automotive industry


Automotive logistics in Russia is in tatters

2022-04-08T11:54:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

Sanctions on Russia and the withdrawal of foreign carmakers has hit the automotive sector hard, with heavy losses felt by the transport provders


China’s zero-Covid strategy hampers auto output in Shanghai

2022-04-05T10:51:00+01:00By Jason Dunn

Covid restrictions in Shanghai are hitting operations for a number of carmakers including SAIC, GM and Tesla and VW, as well as their tier suppliers, with some looking at keeping workers on site for the duration of the lockdown


Powering the electrified future

2022-03-31T16:56:00+01:00By Daniel Harrison

Electric vehicle sales will only continue to increase if there are enough places to charge them and already potential customers have moved from range anxiety to charge anxiety says Juice Technology’s CEO Chrisoph Erni


RPM survey takes the temperature of vehicle logistics sector

2022-03-28T11:31:00+01:00By Automotive Logistics

A new survey from finished vehicle and freight transport RPM, and Automotive Logistics, aims to provide an accurate view what is currently happening in the finished vehicle sector and how the sector is responding


Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Global returns to Detroit

2022-03-22T07:19:00+00:00By Automotive Logistics

Top executives from global carmakers, suppliers and logistics providers, including those from Nissan, IAC and Johnson Electric, are among those converging on the MGM Grand in September this year

Russia Ukraine division

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a long-term risk for the automotive supply chain

2022-03-08T15:35:00+00:00By Daniel Harrison

The impacts stretch beyond inflation and corporate retreats to critical shortages upstream for semiconductor and EV supply.

Ukraine Russia Conflict threatens supply chain

Blog: Conflict in Ukraine disrupts auto supply in Europe and Russia

2022-03-07T11:00:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

Read rolling updates on the developing situation in Ukraine, wider Europe and Russia as it impacts the global automotive supply chain


Ukraine invasion causes widespread supply chain disruption

2022-03-01T12:50:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shut down production across the country and led to widespread supply chain disruption in Europe, while sanctions threaten production in Russia

Grimaldi-Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment_Microplastics_V6

Grimaldi vessels to become 'vacuum cleaners' for ocean microplastics

2022-02-22T13:01:00+00:00By Jason Dunn

Grimaldi is deploying a system that works with its onboard sulphur abatement equipment designed to extract microplastics from seawater 


Trucker protest hits automotive shipments on US-Canada border

2022-02-14T17:28:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

Last week’s driver protests on the US-Canadian border caused disruption to the movement of automotive parts and finished vehicles. As a consequence, some assembly plants in Canada and the US had to temporarily implement shift downtimes.


Get greener, stronger and smarter in Munich this May

2022-02-08T11:32:00+00:00By Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Europe 2022 is back in situ and online. This year’s conference, which takes place between May 2-4, will be in Munich Germany and  focused on rebuilding the automotive sector greener, stronger and smarter.


Philaport to gain from state funding worth $246m

2022-02-08T11:22:00+00:00By Marcus Williams

The port of Philadelphia (Philaport) is to benefit from $246m of state investment funding aimed at continuing modernisation at the port and improving regional economic stability.

Ukraine border

Ukraine border tension threatens automotive supply chain

2022-02-06T22:47:00+00:00By Vladislav Vorotnikov

The threat of conflict between Russia and Ukraine is destablising the automotive supply chain in Eastern Europe and carmakers and tier suppliers are looking at alternative sources of imported parts