US-based aftermarket parts supplier, Advance Auto Parts, has opened its fifth facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The largest automotive aftermarket provider in North America now operates around 5,300 stores across the region.

The new store provides parts, accessories, batteries and maintenance and is situated near Bojangles: an area reputed locally for its dealers and car repair units. It will provide a range of parts as well as free installation of certain components and vehicle electrical checks. 

The latest opening reflects the growing demand for aftermarket services in the US, with the average age of cars in the country rising every year. In 2014, it is at a high of 11.4 years on average, in comparison to 11.2 years in 2012 and 10.9 in 2011. The number of cars on the road in the US older than 12 years has increased by 20% in recent years. 

Advance Auto Parts acquired General Parts International earlier this year: an acquisition that combined commercial operations with DIY services.