The aftermarket is a reliably-stable part of the automotive sector with greater margins than car sales. However, maintaining brand loyalty with the customer base is an ongoing challenge.

Carmakers and suppliers need to keep up with the latest technological advances to maintain quality while achieving faster delivery times, so customers can be retained and profit secured in a competitive market that will become defined by greater complexity over the coming years.

You are cordially invited to join a webinar featuring two experts on aftersales and service parts from VW Group of America who will share their views on the future of aftersales and service parts supply and logistics.

The webinar was split in three parts:

1. A vision for the future of aftersales:
- new mobility models
- e-commerce
- customer expectations
- carmaker strategies.

2. Its impact on supply, logistics and distribution of aftersales and service parts.
- Quality vs. speed
- Same day delivery
- IT & technological solutions.

3. Questions and answers

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This webinar was presented by:

Jan Bures
EVP Aftersales and Service, VW Group of America

Jan has been with VW group for 20 years and has held senior positions in a variety of regions including China, Russia and Germany. He holds a Master’s degree in automotive engineering.


Anu Goel
VP Logistics, Aftersales, VW Group of America

Anu, and his parts logistics team, is responsible for the total supply chain management of service parts (including port operations) for Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA).


Moderator: Bruce Arlinghaus
Consultant, EurBeacon - European Business Consulting

Bruce has over 30 years’ international public and private sector experience. He is a consultant for automotive, aerospace and industrial (AAI) logistics, defense procurement, and supply chain solutions; specializing in non-European companies entering new markets.