259-1_optIt has recently emerged that Lee Armour (pictured) has succeeded Ernie Moore as national manager of the vehicle logistics division at Toyota Canada.

Moore, who has retired, joined Toyota Canada over 26 years ago. He held a variety of senior management and executive positions within the customer services and logistics divisions, as well as spearheading a number of innovative initiatives that have been fundamental to Toyota Canada’s operations, according to the company.

He was also instrumental in the redevelopment of the Toronto and Montreal vehicle processing centres and the establishment of new port operations in Vancouver and Halifax.

Armour took over Moore’s position last August from his previous role as national manager of product planning, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from over 25 years at Toyota Canada.

Armour previously held a variety of management roles in Toyota and Lexus sales, dealer development, marketing, accessories, and parts and service operations.