Audi is taking back a greater part of the responsibility for distributing its vehicles in Malaysia from local firm DRB-Hicom in move designed to strengthen the brand there and expand its portfolio. However, in terms of the sales network DRB will continue to work for the carmaker as an authorised dealer and service partner through its subsidiary Euromobil. Customers will be able to continue using Euromobil workshops in addition to direct Audi service partners.

“In recent years, Audi has worked successfully to develop the market in Malaysia together with its local partner DRB/Euromobil,” a spokesperson for the German carmaker told Automotive Logistics News. “In the future, Audi will assume a stronger role in the market itself in order to further strengthen the brand in Malaysia, to expand the product portfolio and to guarantee maximum service.

Euromobil has been the exclusive distributor of Audi vehicles since February 2010 and in 2013 recorded sales above 3,100 units, led by the popular A6 Hybrid. However, the end of a tax exemption on that model in 2014 meant sales in Malaysia declined by more than 36% to fewer than 850 units year-on-year for the first half of 2014.