Safety systems supplier, Autoliv Europe, has announced it will start using Delmia Apriso to manage its manufacturing logistics operations. The Delmia software brand is owned by Dassault Systèmes and Autoliv Europe is employing it to reduce waste by cutting idle inventory and enhancing operational efficiency as part of its SAP enterprise resource planning.
“Autoliv Europe will implement a Delmia Apriso solution as a standardised template to improve operations and logistics performance,” explained Gilles Bridon, senior AEU IT director at Autoliv Europe. “One of our anticipated benefits is to ease the standardisation and sharing of best-in-class processes across more than 30 locations.” Bridon added that the software could help Autoliv Europe respond faster to change through a broader integration with a next generation of mobile devices across its operations.
Autoliv expects the Apriso application to it improve logistics capabilities by managing work flows across the entire production process, including inbound and outbound logistics and inventory management, dispatching of production, production/scraps declaration and monitoring, and reporting of production hours.