Swedish automotive safety systems manufacturer Autoliv has employed more than 600 mobile computers from Datalogic for use in its production line and warehouse operations. Datalogic specialises in the provision of barcode readers, mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems.

The Datalogic mobile computers are being used at the end of the assembly line to ensure that each products are shipped accurately.

The company has chosen Falcon X3, Skorpio X3 and Memor computers to work in conjunction with its SAP system to more quickly detect and correct errors, and increase productivity.

The mobile units record the captured data in the ERP system and make a final check to confirm that the boxes have been put on the right pallet with the right label in the right location.

According to Datalogic, Autoliv warehouse operatives then perform checks with Datalogic mobile computers to ensure the right products get shipped to the right customer, starting with the picking list and order preparation. The devices are used to scan product labels and include them on the picking list of the order. When the operator adds the materials in the order to the pallet, a shipping label is printed and a Datalogic mobile computer scans the printed label to make sure it corresponds to the products.

A final check is made when each pallet is loaded onto the truck to confirm that the pallet will be shipped to the right destination.

In other news Autoliv has just agreed to settle three antitrust class actions in the US for $65m. The class actions were brought on behalf of three separate alleged classes of purchasers of occupant safety systems in the country.