Okinawa Scooters_optIndian electric scooter manufacturer Okinawa Scooters has awarded a contract for managing warehousing at its Bhiwadi plant in Rajasthan to AWL India.

The deal will allow Okinawa to focus on service quality and product management, according to a company statement. It will also reduce lead times and improve stock accuracy.

Rahul Mehra, CEO of AWL India, said: “AWL intends to capitalise on the huge market potential that lies in the e-scooter segment and strengthen Okinawa Scooter’s presence across various cities in India.

“We consider this as a beginning of a new partnership that will go a long way in extending our value additions in the entire supply-chain business for them.”

AWL will also be responsible for implementing the technological solutions required to ensure maximum flexibility and real-time visibility of inventory.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to become a major component of the global vehicle market over the next decade and beyond.

In India, sales of EVs currently account for less than 1% of total vehicle sales, according to local industry lobby group, the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV).

The future of electric vehicles in India and the implications for supply chains in the country will be among the issues under the spotlight at the forthcoming Automotive Logistics India conference, which takes place from November 8th to 10th in Gurgaon.