BMW & BCABCA Marketplace has agreed a five-year contract with BMW UK to provide a range of remarketing services.

The agreement will see the used vehicle group de-fleet, refurbish, inspect and collect, inventory manage and remarket on behalf of the carmaker and its leasing business, Alphabet. The value of the deal has not been disclosed but BCA said it was the biggest automotive contract BCA Marketplace has signed.

According to BCA, BMW UK has also agreed a five-year deal for BCA Fleet Solutions, a sister company to BCA Marketplace, to be the sole de-fleet and refurbishment partner, with BCA constructing a new dedicated BMW de-fleet centre that will handle all its storage and refurbishment needs.

[mpu_ad] In addition, BCA Logistics has been awarded a seven-year deal as ‘inspect and collect’ provider to BMW and Alphabet.

“For BMW, the opportunity to partner with BCA across a range of services will generate real value,” said BMW UK’s remarketing operations manager, Stewart Hodges.

Matt Bristow, BCA’s commercial director – OEM added: “We are delighted that our customers will be presented with the widest choice of BMW Group products over the course of this agreement.”