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  • Imperial Logistics Poznan3 feature

    Progress for all to CEE


    In past decades, international investment has flowed into the automotive industry in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) primarily due to it being a low-cost production centre. However, these days the region has much more to attract such investment, including a well-trained workforce, a wide-ranging supplier base and improving logistics infrastructure, ...

  • Port of Dover

    Bordering on Brexit


    Brexit continues to cause some serious headaches for those involved in the UK’s automotive sector. With the publication of a draft withdrawal agreement on November 14, UK prime minister, Theresa May, affirmed her commitment to a continued customs territory. Whether that intent will be realised is as much in doubt ...

  • BLGlogistics_duisburg-img

    BLG expands Duisburg technical centre as demand for services increases


    BLG Automobile Logistics has invested €1.5m ($1.8m) to extend its technical centre at the inland port of Duisburg by 2,000 sq.m.The facility, which first opened in 2006, now covers 6,500 sq.m and provides storage, handling and technical processing for a range of customers using the port. It also provides services ...