BLG_team_bmw-leipzigGerman transport and logistics provider, BLG Logistics, has taken over inbound parts logistics for BMW at its plant in Leipzig.

Operations at a 200,000 sq.m facility at the Leipzig plant, started at the beginning of January and BLG’s Industrial Logistics unit is providing services including receiving and warehouse management, sequencing and order picking, as well as line supply. It is also managing the handling of empty containers at the end of the process.

“We are delighted to have received the contract award from BMW in Leipzig and thus be able to expand business relations with our client,” said Robert Bommers, managing director of BLG Industrial Logistics. “The exceptional challenge of this job is the fact that we became involved in the framework of existing procedures and had to implement our services during the running processes. For this purpose we sent a 16-member project team to Leipzig for several weeks to guarantee a successful rollout.”

A spokesperson for BLG said that phasing in an operation while a plant is up and running required careful planning.

“We planned many improvements and also the use of different equipment, but for the start up it was our concept to change only minor details and concentrated on our shop floor management concept, which includes KPI and detailed reporting,” said the spokesperson. “Transparency is one of our major targets in order to have a successful operation. Our number one target was to have no impacts on production, which we achieved.”

BLG already handles material supply in Wackersdorf for BMW’s foreign production sites. At that site it provides picking, packaging, and containerisation of the European goods flows in the form of part-by-part, as well as CKD processing.