IENA Baltimore 2014Bill McAllen Photography 2014Jim Goldsmith (pictured) has moved from his role as head of vehicle processing and distribution centres (VDCs) at BMW North America to become head of US warranty. He has been replaced by Bryan Burke who was VDC manager of operations in New Jersey.

Goldsmith has more than 30 years experience in logistics, material planning, systems development and transport. He was in his previous role for almost seven years and has been with BMW North America since 1991. He started at the carmaker as manager of systems and procedures having moved from global IT provider, Unisys. Over his 24 years with the company he has held a number of managerial roles including as department head for parts logistics.

Burke will now oversee the processing of vehicles imported into the US from the UK, Germany and South Africa, as well as the vehicles shipped from Spartanburg plant for western region dealers. BMW processes more than 350,000 BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce vehicles each year at four facilities located at the ports of New York and New Jersey, Baltimore, Brunswick and Oxnard.

Earlier this year BMW joined its service provider WWL Vehicle Services Americas to break ground on a new vehicle processing facility at the port of Galveston in Texas. The facility covers eight hectares and will provide full technical services and body shop work, storage and inspections for up to 32,500 cars per year.