Car Delivery Network (CDN), which provides real-time electronic information on outbound vehicle movements, has signed an agreement with vehicle damage and claims company Fenkell Automotive Systems to combine their services and provide full transparency on potential vehicle damage sustained during dealership deliveries.

The move comes ahead of a mandate from Chrysler that all vehicle deliveries to its dealers must be completed electronically by July 1 this year, a demand that will mean around 4,500 trucks being made compliant.

Finished vehicle carriers using CDN’s electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) mobile app, called vinDeliver, can now pass damage data directly and in real time to Chrysler via Fenkell’s damage claims management system (called VTC). The electronic method will also allow Chrysler to view damage codes drawn up by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), as well as photographic evidence of damage stored within the group’s Damage Claims Management system.

Mary Taranto, Fenkell’s global director of claims and systems said that information captured by ePOD includes the vehicle’s VIN identifier, the carrier in question, the dealer accepting delivery, a scanned image of the dealer signature, any notification of damage, and photographs of any damage.

“All this will be stored in our system, providing Chrysler with complete visibility as to all the deliveries of all their vehicles and any associated trends in damage, which they will be able to see in real time,” noted Taranto.

Kevin Lewis, field engineer at Chrysler, added: “CDN and Chrysler are leading the ePOD charge by working hand in hand in connecting ePOD to our VTC Claims system. This is excellent news for us here at Chrysler because anyone using CDN instantly fulfills our final requirement of connecting their electronic proof of deliveries to our claims system. This important connection is another milestone crossed for ePOD readiness and another step in the right direction for our July launch date.”

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The AIAG has already established an ePOD standards committee that involves most of the major OEMs operating in the US, as well as transport and logistics providers.

CDN’s vinDeliver system meets AIAG standards and connects to existing systems used by carriers and shippers without necessitating any changes to them. The technology enables drivers to collect ePOD information at the point of service delivery.

The adoption of the vinDeliver system followed trials held throughout 2012 that included Chrysler.