Ceva Logistics has expanded its service offering for Ford with the provision of inbound transport services to the carmaker’s new Coldwater Origin Distribution Center (ODC) in Michigan. The company, which has been working with Ford for 20 years, will provide pickup and delivery of parts to the ODC, which handles assembly parts for a number of Ford plants.

Ceva is receiving inbound parts via consolidated pickup trailers from suppliers for multiple plants. These are then shipped on single plant delivery truckloads, allowing on pickup for a number of plants and one delivery to one plant.

Ford has recently expanded operations at the centre, meaning the inbound services Ceva is providing constitute a new operation with no previous incumbent.

The service is similar at the one Ceva operates at its shared Fiat-Chrysler and GM site in Mt Juliet, Tennessee.

The company also provides transport services for Ford from its Michigan-based business in Flat Rock, Southfield and Westland.

“It’s a tremendous privilege for Ceva to help support the expansion of this new Ford facility,” said Kerry Zielinski, the company’s vice president of Business Development and Ford account lead for the Americas. “We are proud and excited to receive this award of business from one of our largest global customers. Our customer’s growth in the automotive industry has fuelled our company’s expansion and market leadership in the automotive sector as well.”