Ceva Logistics has announced a three-year contract with truck and bus maker Scania worth €3.5m ($4.6m).

Under the agreement Ceva will manage the delivery of spare parts to 100 locations in Spain and Portugal, equal to around 2,300 tonnes annually.

Scania’s services and quality director Ángel Vázquez said there were several factors influencing its decision to choose Ceva for distribution on the Iberian Peninsula, including the quality standards, innovation and value added services the company offered. 

“The collaboration with Ceva in some other markets also helped us to make the decision and allows us to gain a more complete view of our entire supply chain operation through one provider,” said Vázquez. “We are confident that all our expectations will be met.”

Ceva is increasing its business in the Iberian automotive sector according to Izaskun Barquin, the company’s business development director.

“Our ability to guarantee efficient and timely deliveries is a crucial factor for every sector, in particular for spare parts, where punctuality is considered a key aspect in order to meet customers’ expectations and requirements,” said Barquin. “Thanks to our innovative technological solutions, such as Ceva Matrix, we will be able to support Scania to address the challenges which characterise this market, ensuring visibility and on-time deliveries, while consolidating our position in the spare parts segment.” 

Ceva Matrix is the company’s integrated supply chain technology platform that brings together various aspects of the process including freight, warehouse and transport management systems.