Reusable container and pallet pooling provider, Chep, will reveal a new intercontinental pooling service to the industry at the Automotive Logistics Europe conference, being held in Bonn, Germany this week.

“With our new offering we have developed an efficient, sustainable and cost effective packaging solution for industrial companies with a globalised supply structure,” said Jürgen Krahé, Chep’s director of Intercontinental Programs, EMEA. 

According to Chep the majority of companies currently use disposable packaging for transport in sea containers because of the cost on the return of reusable alternatives. The company said this was now possible because its worldwide network is able to meet the need, supported by a strategy of sharing the containers between companies. Further details will be revealed this week.

Chep’s IcoCube range of stackable and recyclable containers are designed specifically to deal with the divergent environmental conditions associated with international transport.

It set up the Intercontinental Programs division last year.