Gu-Mingji-Anji-Automotive-20160421-7914Anji Automotive Logistics, the logistics subsidiary of Chinese OEM SAIC Group and China’s largest automotive logistics provider, is studying the feasibility of an overseas stock listing. The move was revealed via a filing to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, though SAIC has offered no further detail.

Anji Automotive Logistics already has overseas or joint venture operations that include knockdown kit-related logistics and packaging, aftersales and vehicle logistics. It currently has facilities or subsidiaries in markets including the UK, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia and the US. The company is also exploring freight services for China to and from the US and Europe, Gu Mingji (pictured), its overseas business operations manager, revealed at the recent Automotive Logistics China conference.

Last December, Anji established a dedicated overseas office with the goal of accelerating international activity. “With so many companies involved, we needed to set up an overseas business unit,” Gu said.

Anji has also been looking to expand its international services in conjunction with several players, including its own ro-ro subsidiary Shanghai Ansheng, Anji-Ceva (its joint venture with Ceva), and SIPG Haitong Logistics, which operates China’s largest vehicle terminal at the port of Shanghai.

Several Chinese companies are now looking to expand their business outside of China. Ma Zengrong, general secretary for the China Automotive Logistics Association, a Beijing-linked organisation that is part of the China Federation for Logistics and Purchasing, told the recent conference: “We can already see moves by Beijing Changjiu, Anji and Changan Minsheng, all of which are major domestic providers. We are quickening our steps to go international. The Chinese government is always stressing the importance of our economy going from ‘big to strong’. To do that, we need to go international.”