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Originally from Germany, Christoph studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Karlsrule before starting his career at the Karlsrule Institute of Technology (KIT) as a Research Associate within KIT’s Institute for Conveying Technology and Logistics. During his time at KIT, Christoph completed his PHD in Mechanical Engineering before joining Robert Bosch (Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen) in 2014 as part of the company’s strategy to internalise logistics consultancy practices. Christoph spent 4 years with the team in Stuttgart firstly as a Project Leader of Logistics and secondly as a Senior Consultant specialising in warehouse process management.

Christoph moved to Michigan in the US in 2018 to manage the then, newly established North American Logistics Consulting business unit where he is responsible to support the operational logistics in streamlining and digitalising Bosch’s processes across the US, Canada and Mexico.