Con-way Freight has launched a global less-than-truckload (LTL) service in collaboration with other providers, including APL Logistics and TNT, in the form of an online portfolio of the company’s LTL services.
For an automotive industry still faced with overcapacity and looking for greater efficiency it means “state-of-the-art online tools and the convenience of a one-stop solution” according to Bill Wynne, Vice President of Marketing for Con-way Freight.
"Automotive customers benefit from the same reliability and proven results they've experienced in the United States, Mexico and Canada,” Wynne told Automotive Logistics. “All Global LTL shipments move through Con-way Freight's optimised network bringing shippers improved exception-free delivery, on-time service performance and faster transit times on a global scale.”
Examples of the services available include a day-definite, door-to-door service from Europe to the US developed with TNT. The partnership was established in March this year to link both partners’ road networks in Europe and the USA and offer an 'economy' express freight service between both sides of the Atlantic. With a transit time of 3-6 days, the service includes simplified pricing, inclusive of customs services and full visibility with online tracking and tracing of shipments.
“Until now, we have focused on the Europe to US link,” said TNT spokesman Cyrille Gibot. “TNT handles pickup and consolidation of shipments in Europe, as well as management of air freight into the US [TNT offers a daily flight to New York City].”
The inbound gateway is TNT’s facility at JFK airport. Once shipments clear US Customs at JFK, they are tendered to Con-way Freight, who provide a service to the final US destination with a delivery date specified.
“Compared with TNT's previous service to the US, our transit times have improved for more than 70% of the shipments,” Gibot told Automotive Logistics. “We had identified several customers who were asking for the economy freight service to the US. The withdrawal of DHL from the US domestic market also increased the demand for our services.”
The Global LTL™ portfolio also includes the award-winning OceanGuaranteed service, developed in conjunction with APL Logistics, offering day-definite service for less-than-containerload (LCL) cargo shipped from Asia to North America. It was introduced in 2006 by both companies with departures from 11 Asian ports
The service received an award at The International Transport Forum held in Leipzig in May this year.
Other services include one from the US to 30 Bahamian and Caribbean ports with TropicalDirectSM and a Domestic Offshore service with multiple sailings to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
“The need for shippers to connect LTL service to a worldwide customer and supplier base has increased significantly over the past few years, and Con-way Freight has expanded its suite of services accordingly,” said John G. Labrie, President of Con-way Freight. “Global LTL brings all of our worldwide solutions under one umbrella.”