Daimler’s annual carrier award ceremony was held at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét, Hungary last week, as part of the company's annual European Carrier Day event, with a host of logistics suppliers competing for the top three prizes. The awards were handed over by Heiko Gaiser, head of Global Transport Logistics, and Egon Christ, head of Global Transport Logistics for Complete Vehicles.

Akkermann Transporte took the award for best passenger car logistics, the second year in a row the German-based company has won an award for passenger car transport services. Akkermann was singled out for praise for its high level of customer service and the training of its staff.

Galliker, the family-run Swiss logistics provider, was named best carrier-company for its trucking operations. As well as best overall performance in the category and an equally strong improvement over the previous year, Daimler stated that particularly impressive factors were the company’s good innovation profile plus its excellent environmental acceptability. Last year the company had highly complex tasks to solve in terms of the transport of commercial vehicles.

Meanwhile, UK-based provider, ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service), emerged as the most efficient company in all categories and was awarded best overall supplier. 

Every year since 1999, over 100 vehicle transport companies meet for the Carrier Day event and awards, which also serves as a platform for general discussion about the industry and challenges faced over the coming months. To arrive at their final decision, LSPs are monitored throughout the year with relation to their logistics operations including transport damage, transport times, the quality of vehicle shipping and the condition of the equipment used. 

“As we announced last year, our model initiative is in full swing and it also comes with special challenges for our logistics specialists. With the European Carrier Award we are not only honouring the best – we are delighted that the overall performance of our transport service providers is improving continuously,” said Dr Gaiser.

Gaiser went on to say that there remained issues on which Daimler needed to work with its transport providers. “Where stock reduction is concerned, for example, vehicle distribution is hugely important,” he said. “Concepts which reduce capital tied up in the supply chain are more in demand than ever before. And when creating such concepts we count on an active contribution from the transport service providers. But I am sure that we will also work well together on matters such as these."

Pictured left to right: Scott Garberding, chief purchasing officer Fiat-Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, Fiat-Chrysler, Costantino Baldissara, commercial director of Logistics and Operations, Grimaldi Group, Alfredo Altavilla, COO EMEA area Fiat-Chrysler, Luc Billiet, EMEA head of Supply Chain Management Fiat-Chrysler