AKJ Auto_optGerman automotive industry body AKJ Automotive has recognised Daimler and Volkswagen in its annual elogistics awards for digital-based initiatives.

In addition, BLG Logistics has been given AKJ’s Tool Award for its work on the use of drones in the logistics space.

AKJ Automotive is made up of a group of industry experts and executives who advocate an open and honest exchange of information between all members of the automotive value chain.

Volkswagen received two elogistics awards at the 32nd annual congress recently. The first, shared with software partner Euro-Log, was for the ‘Discovery’ digital supply chain communication solution – a cloud-based platform that connects the company with its 5,000-plus suppliers and logistics partners in Europe. By the beginning of next year, all of VW’s European suppliers are expected to be using the platform. The second was a virtual reality-based logistics training tool.

Daimler received its elogistics award for its ‘innovative digitisation of inbound logistics/process and cost planning’ solution. The platform allows for the holistic planning of cost-optimised inbound supply chains, stated AKJ. The award was shared with service providers Daimler Protics, Pataky Software and Toowoxx Systemtechnik.

BLG Logistics Group’s entry, in conjunction with service provider Sitebots, involved the use of drones for both indoor and outdoor applications. In the indoor scenario, drones were used to provide a bird’s eye view of inventory located in areas that were difficult to access. The security-related outdoor scenario, meanwhile, involved the use of a thermographic camera to monitor operating sites.