london_eurohubDB Schenker Rail UK has launched a rail hub near London that can handle the unloading, storage, preparation and distribution of 150,000+ finished vehicles per year. The London Eurohub, situated in Barking, is the only rail-linked facility of its type, according to DB Schenker. It is connected to the HS1 high speed European rail link via the Channel Tunnel, as well as the UK rail network terminal.

The facility is primarily designed for the import and export of vehicle volumes though the company was keen to stress that it was a multimodal hub, capable of servicing both import and export volumes for all market sectors.

“The Eurohub is a truly innovative new offering to the automotive import/exports market,” said Geoff Spencer, CEO of DB Schenker Rail UK. “It will bring huge benefits to our customers and the broader industry, enabling manufacturers to streamline their supply chain by offering a superior quality logistics service.”

DB Schenker has not revealed what its investment in the facility was but the project was co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility and represents “a multi-million pound investment”.

Among the main benefits of the site, DB Schenker highlighted that it offered both an integrated and simplified logistics option that removed complexity and risk, and that it provided 24 hour customer service. The establishment of a high speed rail link for the transport of vehicle volumes between the UK and the Continent also promises a 70% reduction in emissions compared with road transport according to DB Schenker.