Transport and logistics provider DFDS Logistics has signed an agreement with Nissan to handle the supply of parts for assembly of the forthcoming Nissan Infiniti Q30 from a number of suppliers in Germany. The vehicle is being manufactured at Nissan’s plant in Sunderland, UK from November this year.

DFDS will be moving around 40 trailers of parts per day to the plant, each within a 30-minute window, coordinated by a Nissan control tower that is being set up by DFDS at its Hamburg office.

DFDS said it expects to invest around DKK 40m ($5.8m) in equipment to manage the service.

The parts will be delivered on DFDS’ Cuxhaven-Immingham and Vlaardingen-Immingham routes, including port terminal services.

Nissan refused to comment on any details relating to inbound supply for the forthcoming Infiniti Q30.