The Australian branch of parts supplier Hyundai Mobis – Mobis Parts Australia (MPAU) – has started using a wearable pick and scan tool from Zebra Technologies that is reported to offer a 15% increase in productivity at its warehouse operations. Zebra specialises in making tracking and computer printing technologies for a range of industries, including automotive.

MPAU dispatches up to 7,000 line items per day from its warehouse in western Sydney, with an average of 600 service parts per hour. Zebra said MPAU was looking for a warehouse tool that could efficiently track stock, pick orders, increase distribution volume and revenue, and complement its existing custom warehouse management system (WMS).

Warehouse operatives are now using Zebra’s WT6000 Android wearable computer combined with its lightweight RS4000 ring scanner.

“We needed a solution to increase our productivity and scanning accuracy while seamlessly integrating with our WMS,” said Darren Bowley, warehouse operations manager at MPAU. ”The rugged, multi-touch capacitive display on the WT6000 makes it easy for our workers across the supply chain to read and enter data, even with their work gloves on.” Bowley added that operatives could easily add voice-directed applications at any time to increase the accuracy and speed of the pick and scan operations.”

Zebra said the tools, designed in partnership with Skywire, the logistics technology provider, and IT software developer Ivanti, reduce errors by almost 40% compared to voice-only devices.

“With Zebra’s wearable computer, MPAU’s warehouse operators will be able to find an item, provide verification and update their inventory almost instantly, thereby enhancing their productivity and efficiency,” said Tom Christodoulou, regional director of Australia and New Zealand at Zebra Technolgies.

The use of the tools mean MPAU’s warehouse operations are moving from Windows Embedded and Mobile OS to Android, which Zebra said is supported with ongoing security support through its Lifeguard software security program.