DurrSomacDürr Somac, which makes filling equipment for the automotive industry, has opened a warehouse and logistics centre in the German town of Stollberg following an investment of €1.5m ($1.6m). The company already has a manufacturing facility in the town and has been present in Stollberg for 10 years.

“The new centre, with a floor space of 1,500 sq.m will help us make our logistics processes more efficient,” said Bernd Preissler, Dürr Somac’s managing director.  “For example, we are now able to deliver spare parts we have in storage to customers around the world within 24 hours.”

Dürr Somac’s equipment facilitates the filling of vehicles with up to 12 different fluids or gases during final assembly, including brake fluid, coolant, fuel and air conditioner refrigerant.

The company’s manufacturing facility makes around 130 filling facilities a year, each comprising of main units, switching cabinets, consoles and adapters. The company said the units are shipped from the logistics centre to vehicle makers in Germany and around the globe, including South Africa, Mexico, China, India and Russia. Once on site they are installed and commissioned by Somac specialists.

This year Dürr Somac expects revenues of more than €75m.