After 20 years with the Netherlands-based Broekman Group, Frits Mehrtens has resigned as General Manager of Broekman Automotive, to become Business Development Director for Greencat, effective March 1st. Mehrtens, who has been president of the European Association of Vehicle Logistics (ECG) since May 2007, will step down from that post in June.
Greencat is part of the Groeneveld Group, and specialises in transport management and IT solutions for intermodal transport. Mehrtens will work across all verticals, not only automotive. “I will make use of my large automotive network, but Greencat has IT solutions for transport in the widest sense of the word,” he told Automotive Logistics.
Mehrtens added that he believes IT systems will remain essential to companies even during the difficult times of the recession. “[Supply chain] processes are getting more complicated everyday as transport suppliers become more mature,” he said. “The need for these systems will grow.”
Under the statutes of the ECG, when a President, Vice President or board member leaves his company, his position at the ECG is revoked. ECG's Vice President ECG Costantino Baldissara, from the Grimaldi Group, has now taken over all of Mr Mehrten's duties and will be Acting President until a new one is selected during the ECG General Assembly, which will be held June 4-5th in Zurich. Mehrtens has agreed to the request.