Till Oberwörder, head of marketing, sales and services, Mercedes-Benz Trucks (left), hands over 150 trucks to Ahmet Musul, chairman of Ekol Logistics

Turkish transport and logistics provider Ekol Logistics has increased its European truck fleet with the purchase of 150 trucks from Mercedes-Benz. The Actros Lowliner models have been bought by Ekol’s division in Romania, which began operations in 2011.

It is the first time Mercedes-Benz Trucks has supplied Ekol Logistics. According to the truckmaker, the new tractor units are destined for supplier and intra-factory transport operations for Romania's automotive industry.

The latest purchase, worth €12m ($13.2m), brings the Romanian division’s fleet to 227 trucks. As well as the Romanian automotive shipments, the fleet will support Ekol’s integrated European network, according to the company, especially in Germany, France, the Benelux region and Eastern Europe.

“Our development plans in Romania are now at full speed – we are in the process of hiring new drivers in order to keep pace with the fleet increase and, at the same time, we are preparing to extend our presence in Romania with a new location in the western part of the country for both logistics and transport services,” said Alecsandru Mucenic, general manager at Ekol Romania.

He added that Romania played a strategic role in the group’s development in Europe, both in terms of fleet coordination and the management of regional logistics projects.

Ekol Romania provides road, sea and air transport services, as well as contract logistics, with a 6,000 sq.m warehouse near Bucharest.

The company, which also recently expanded its logistics services to neighbouring Bulgaria, now has offices in 13 European countries and said it planned to open two more in Iran and Slovakia soon.